What’s the Difference of CR-Scan Lizard with Other Scanners?

CR-Scan Lizard’s image and detailed information were officially unveiled on various channels. People are really curious about the difference with CR-Scan 01 as well as other 3D scanners in the market. Therefore, this article would make a comparison of them.

The difference with CR-Scan 01

Positioned as a medium-end consumer 3D scanner, CR-Scan 01 features high accuracy up to 0.1mm and large format scanning. It has a high single capture range( 536*378mm) and the scanning speed reaches 15fps. 

Therefore, CR-Scan 01 is very suitable to scan objects of medium and large size, such as the whole human body, entire car body, large sculpture, furniture and so on. 

CR-Scan Lizard is an entry-level 3D scanner with friendly pricing. It features high accuracy up to 0.05mm. CR-Scan Lizard is very suitable to scan small objects, such as spare parts, and the minimum scanning size is 15mm.CR-Scan Lizard can scan black objects, and it maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight. 


CR-Scan 01 and CR-Scan Lizard have their own advantages,which can meet different scanning requirements of users.

The difference with other scanners

1.Accuracy Comparison

CR-Scan Lizard has industrial-grade performance and accuracy of up to 0.05mm, which surpasses almost 90% of consumer-grade 3D scanners in the market.

2. No-marker scanning

Most scanners in the market need to stick markers when scanning objects. While CR-Scan Lizard adopts the visual tracking algorithm based on neural network, it enables to scan objects without markers. Scan as soon as startup, saving time, effort and trouble.

3. Adaptable to scan black objects and scan in bright sunlight

Compared with other scanners,CR-Scan Lizard has a wide environment and material adaptability. It can scan black objects in bright sunlight. 


4.User Friendly Software 

Bid farewell to the complexity of scanning and data processing in different software. CR-Scan Lizard is equipped with a user friendly software, CR Studio. Both model scanning and auto data processing can be done in this software. Friendly enough, even kids and beginners can experience the fun of 3D scanning.

Compared with other scanners, CR-Scan Lizard is a revolutionary entry-level consumer-grade 3D scanner with friendly pricing. Please enter your email here to get the latest news and more surprises. Members in the email list have a chance to get 3D printer, 3D scanner and other products for free.

What’s the Difference of CR-Scan Lizard with Other Scanners?
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