My mother is ...

In this special day, you are the most special woman now and forever!

Mother's Day is arriving, so we need to put more awareness on our mother, who is one of the closest family members in our lives. For you, what kind of role does your mom play? Is she your mentor? Your best friend? Your goddess? Now you can express your feeling here to earn some prizes!

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How to Participate:

  1. Let's make sentences by following this: My mother is ...
    Feel free to make your responses as long or short as possible. The most creative and sincere sentences might earn you some prizes!
  2. Invite as many of your friends as possible to "VOTES" and "VIEWS" your posts.

Eg: My mother is mother and is the one who brought me into this world and I will cherish it forever. Happy Mother’s Day all you mom’s out there we all love you we do from the bottom of our hearts...


10 participants will win $50 Coupon Code (valid for the given items)
The winners will be announced on May 10, 2022 by Email

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Terms and Conditions  
1.Remember to sign in our forum first before take part in this activity
2. Coupons and deals are open to US only. And the code is only valid for Cv-01 Pro, Cr-Scan 01Upgrade, Cr- Scan 01Premium, Halot-One Plus, Halot-One Pro, Cr-10 Smart Pro, Sermoon V1 Pro, Ender 3 S1.
3. The winners will be selected according to the first 10 users that make the most creative and sincere sentences. 
4.Creality reserves the right to explain the event rules and amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.



My mother is ...
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