Let Us Render Bones the Second Life

With the development of 3D printing in biomedical applications, multiple products have been molded in specified subdivisions. 

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Usually, professional doctors will proceed to process the image data obtained by X-ray CT machine and MRI scanning and convert it into the susceptible data for 3D printing.

These applied sectors include making biological models for physicians to handle the operation, fetal molding for four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, titanium alloy and cobalt-chromium alloy for teeth and jaw repair, and prosthetic limb implantation of PEEK material. 

When the bone fracture commonly exists in daily exercising life, repair and heal up will take much as a hundred days, we must put on plaster or bandages to stay less motive for the smooth growing process after the skeleton hurts. 

This will not be hard yet never easy, for someone’s sake, it will be torturing for not being available to play or work for such an enduring period of more than 3 months. 

Some with more serious damage may also need to use the metal material to help this recovery process, and this what frets the physicians, because this metal assistance will not be satisfactory enough because of their round or square shape, thus when 3D printing currently emerges here, it makes up with emulation bones of diverse shapes. 

It is a modern compound bone of bone powder and bio glue combined with the sequel of medical research acquisitions and the provided previous accumulation of 3D technology development, which is now advanced by a research team in one of the medical university in our country, not yet clinically used, but trial already. 

It may take some ten years for this application to get ripe. Its formation process is to grind up the bone into powder and manufacture them with bio glue, but its biggest advantage is the realization of bones of not only the diversified shape but also the repair of long bone defects. 

When encountering the most unexpected accidents, wars, or explosion, whose knows whether this technology will render their lives if work out. 

Currently, we are planning to make the bionic scaffold that can replace the large, missing, or broken bone segments to fulfill the broken parts as calcium particles and adult stem cells. As there are two medicines known to facilitate the healing and reproduction of bone, this scaffold will be implanted to be the growth skeleton of bones. 

Commonly speaking, the human body will start to rebuild the missing parts of bones by the drive of growth gene, but nothing happens if, without this scaffold within several months of the injuries, this is why we have to make effort to escalate the growth of bones and prompt the repair of the body. 

Owing to this progress of medical development and 3D printing advance, we hope this technology will benefit more people in the future, help those who lose bones on account of sickness or accidental conditions, including the bone cancer patients who undergo the surgeries of resection.

Let Us Render Bones the Second Life
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