CR-10 Smart Pro: An Intelligent 3D Printer For All Experience Levels

Technological development is changing the lives of many human beings – especially in the field of 3D printing. As an explorer of innovation, the renowned 3D printer manufacturer Creality dedicates itself to research and keeps making breakthroughs to push the industry forward.

For an example of this consistent innovation, look no further than the new Creality CR-10 Smart Pro, an intelligent, 3D printer aimed at fundamentally improving the printing experience. At $799, the CR-10 Smart Pro has a sizable 300 x 300 x 400 mm build volume and an array of impressive features that make the 3D printing process simple, but also fully controllable by the end-user.

Intelligence Bringing More Possibilities

Creality’s latest innovation is capable of multi-mode networking via Creality Cloud, a database with an abundance of 3D model resources. CR-10 Smart Pro can easily connect to Creality Cloud, allowing users to instantly download 3D models via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet. Creality has realized cloud slicing and one-click printing, which means that users can print their favorite models remotely, breaking the restriction of location. In other words, 3D printing whenever you want or wherever you are is no longer a dream.

Users can also monitor every layer of the 3D model being extruded. Equipped with an AIoT HD camera, CR-10 Smart Pro allows users to watch the printing process remotely in real-time. From start to finish, the whole process can be monitored.

Dual-Mode Leveling for Double Assurance

Unlike other 3D printers in its price range, CR-10 Smart Pro features both intelligent leveling, while also offering a manual leveling mode. That’s why we call it dual-mode leveling. The combination provides great assurance that the leveling process is accurate and controllable. Intelligent leveling improves efficiency by saving the user a lot of time, and manual leveling offers DIY joy for users. Dual modes equals double the fun.

Good Performance with Higher Precision

The design of the CR-10 Smart Pro includes a fully integrated structure with seven modules made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It can be assembled within ten minutes, making it easy for users of all experience levels to get printing. The sturdy gantry and metal diagonal drawbars ensures the stability of the printer, providing a solid base for successful printing.

CR-10 Smart Pro also has a full-metal direct extruder that enables stable printing performance. CR-10 Smart Pro uses the self-developed “Sprite” direct extruder, which makes high precision possible and can maintain excellent performance even when printing with difficult materials like TPU, PA, carbon fiber, and so on. Good filament compatibility gives users more creative possibilities.

Human-centered Design, Hassle-free Printing

Even in the dark, CR-10 Smart Pro illuminates the 3D printing process for users to see. A strip of LED lights are installed at the top of the Z-axis, giving evenly dispersed light across the print bed. Therefore, no matter if it’s day or night, the printing process can be observed by your own eyes. Further, the LED light has low power consumption, so it’s not taking a major toll on the environment or your electricity bill.

CR-10 Smart Pro’s build surface is covered by a spring steel PEI magnetic sheet, which has good thermal conductivity and good adhesion. It’s not only durable, but also flexible, making it easy to remove the print once it’s ready. Effortless model removal should be every user’s expectation, and CR-10 Smart Pro is right there to meet it!

Last but not least, Creality has updated the touchscreen display to a 4.3-inch HD full-view screen, offering a brand new, more intuitive user interface. Moreover, it automatically supports OTA updates via WiFi.

Human-centered design is always at the heart of Creality’s product development philosophy.

At present, CR-10 Smart Pro is available for $799. Intuitive enough for beginners and advanced enough for seasoned makers, this new 3D printer is sure to unlock the creative imagination of any user, no matter their experience level.

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CR-10 Smart Pro: An Intelligent 3D Printer For All Experience Levels
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