Advantages of Carborundum Glass Platform

For users of a 3D printer, the quality of accessories also plays an important role in the experience of printers. Today we will introduce one of the accessories, which is the platform stickers in 3D printers. In daily printing, some people may like to use masking paper or apply solid glue. But the solid glue is difficult to make the model remove, and the blade is also easy to damages the platform. Moreover, if the solid glue is used for a long time, the residue of the platform will increase, which will lead to the unsightly bottom of the model. So Creality 3D developed a carborundum glass platform. It can be easy to remove your model with the carborundum glass platform, and the bottom of the model is very smooth. Here, there are some advantages and technical principles of the carborundum glass platform, so that you can have a clear understanding of the carborundum glass platform.

Easy to remove model with one minute

After the hotbed is cooled, the model can be easily removed without using any tools.
Technical principle: The coating of the microporous composite material has a microporous structure. The filament will be "extruded" due to the reduction of platform temperature and shrinkage of composite materials, which makes the model remove easily.

High viscosity and strong adhesion

There are high viscosity, no warping, and fine surface, no need to use texture paper and solid glue.
Technical principle: composite nano molecule coating has high viscosity after heating, which makes the model have strong adhesion.

Recovery model with 0.15MM of flatness
The flatness of the printing platform is 0.15MM to avoid leveling failure. There is an exquisite bottom of the model.
Technical principle: this is the combination of glass and composite. Due to the flatness of glass and the uniform composite coating of surface "lattice", the platform has excellent flatness.

Easy to clean

After you have used for several times, the platform can be clean by using alcohol or acetone
Technical principle: there is a protective film on the surface of the composite coating, which is of anti-scratch and dustproof, etc

High hardness and durable

There are wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
Technical principle: this is the combination of chemically tempered glass and surface composite coating. The inorganic coating is covered. The hardness can be up to 8 Mohs, the hardness is better than aluminum and copper. it can resistant to 400℃ and use repeatedly without reducing performance.

Advantages of Carborundum Glass Platform
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