Industrial Grade Stability

Sturdy frame featuring thick metal plates and 4 vertical aerospace aluminum profiles. All the X,Y and Z axis are assisted with stainless steel linear shafts of 60HRC hardness.

The printer holds well against the inertia force of the moving printing head.

720h (30 days) non-stop steady printing* 

8,000h failure-free steady printing* 

* Data from Creality Lab

Precision-made to
Minimize Mechanic Errors

The integrated XY axis gantry system is CNC machined with 0.0lmm precision for a seamless fit.

The precise high-torque motors and durable timing belts and pulleys further reduce mechanical errors and boost accuracy.

Reliable Extrusion
at 300℃ Temperature

The "Sprite"dual-gear direct drive extruder delivers strong extrusion and retraction force.

The inner-polished copper alloy nozzle and bi-metal heat break work smoothly at a lasting high temperature with less heat creep.

And, it has the two large 5015 cooling fans.

14 Filaments at Choice

Regular Filaments: PLA, PLA-Wood, PETG, PET; 

High-strength Filaments: ABS, PA, ASA, PC, PC-ABS;

Flexible Filaments: TPU95A, TPC; 

Wear-resistant Filaments: PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF.

Big But Also Delicate

Sermoon D3 offers a generous 300×250×300mm build volume. Meanwhile, this stable and accurate machine creates breathtakingly delicate prints featuring 0.1 mm accuracy, with layer texture hardly visible.

Up to 5 Times of Printing Speed

The advanced stepper motor driver chip enables 1/256 microstepping, realizing smooth printing at up to 5 times of speed.

The production capacity will increase by several times for a given period of time.

PLA-2 times of speed on default*

PLA-Up to 3 times of speed* 

ABS-Up to 5 times of speed*

* Data from Creality Lab

Connected for a Smarter Way of Working

Remote Printing: Once the printer is connected via WiFi or RJ45 Ethernet port to the LAN or Internet, users can print from a PC or phone with Creality Print software or Creality Cloud App.

Remote Monitoring: With the built-in webcam, users can monitor the printing progress in real-time on the Creality Cloud. Time-lapse filming is also allowed.

Scale It Up With
Multi-printers Control

With multiple Sermoon D3 printers connected to the LAN or Internet, models can be batch-printed according to a single command from Creality Print. Users can also divide a large model into small parts and print them with more printers.

Get Things Streamlined

From one-click model slicing, auto-leveling to model preview and remote control, the entire workflow is streamlined.

Less Cracking
with Heat Contained

The heat bed adjustable up to 110C matches well with the heat-retaining enclosure.

The print now has an even and hot enveloping atmosphere free from ambient airflow, thus less cracking and edge curling.

Considerate Safety Features

The 2 built-in HEPA air filters will purify PM0.3 particles and toxic compounds generated during printing with ABS and other filaments.

When the door is opened during printing, the printer will send alarms, pause and quickly cool down, so as to prevent scalding or pinching.

Sermoon D3 3D Printer
Industrial Grade Stability
Reliable Extrusion at 300℃ Temperature
14 Filaments at Choice
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