How to make a Creality Four-Legged Fury 3D Robot?

Deadline: June 23rd, 2023

How to participate:

Subscribe and fill out the registration form above before the deadline.
(Please follow relevant rules and instruction).

🎁Prize:Ender-5 S1

●Step 1. Download the model
Model download link: Creality Four-Legged Fury 3D-printed robot
Maximum size: Width: 18cm/ Height:16cm/ Length:22cm
There are 7 components you may need :
Paws: 4 pcs
Junction: 4 pcs
Y-articulation: 4pcs
Legs: 4 pcs
Bottom shell: 1 pcs
Top shell: 1pcs
Head: 1 pcs (Optional)

(*Supported filament is not limited ).

Paws/Junction/Y-articulation/Legs/Bottom shell/Top shell are required. The model of the head is flexible.
Unleash your creativity to make a fancy model based on your favorite!

●Step 2. Prepare Key Components to Build the Model
Here are a few key components to make Four-Legged Fury.
Depending on pricing and shipping, we offer several different options for each component of your choosing.

MG90D digital servo 9g metal gear servo SG90 size fixed-wing TK machine Su27 (9 pcs). Tips: Need 180 degree
b) ESP32-DevKitC WROOM-32E (1 set)
c) Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 2S (1 set)
d) 8 × M2 4mm Hex bolt (8 pcs)/ 32 × M2 6mm Hex bolt (32 pcs) / 10 × M3 8mm Hex bolt (10 pcs)
12 × M3 30mm Hex bolt (12 pcs) / 4 × M3 nut (4pcs) / 18 × M3 nyloc nut (18 pcs) / 8 × F693ZZ Bearings (8 pcs)

*Find the component purchasing links here 👈

●Step 3. Set-up Open Source Code to Make It Move
Code download link: GitHub - manuel6662/kameqwerty: kameqwerty codeand app
*We'll keep updating the developing code, please stay tuned with us.