Dear 3D print farmers, are you still looking for the best 3D printer for your print farm? K1 Max is the best choice! Now supercharge your farm with K1 Max by boosting print productivity and join our 3D print farm event to win a K1 Max for free!

Join to Win K1 Max for Free!

1. If you are a 3D print farmer with 5-20 3D printers, enjoy 20% off on buying a K1 Max.

2. If you are a 3D print farmer with 21-50 3D printers, enjoy 50% off on buying a K1 Max.

3. If you are a 3D print farmer with 51-100 3D printers, get a K1 Max for free!

*Only the first 30 registered and verified farmers (owned 5-20 3D printers) can enjoy 20% off on buying a K1 Max at Creality online store.

*The first 15 registered and verified farmers (owned 21-50 3D printers) can enjoy 50% off buying a K1 Max at Creality online store.

*The first 5 registered and verified farmers (owned 51-100 3D printers) can get 1 K1 Max for free!

Buy K1 Max in Bulk, Enjoy More Discounts

1. Buy 5 K1 Max and get 1 free!

2. Buy 10 K1 Max and get 3 free!

3. If you intend to purchase more than 10 K1 Max 3D printers, please contact us for a specialized discount plan tailored to bulk orders.

Exclusive 3D Print Farmer Privileges:

* 50% OFF on bundle buying of filaments.

*Buy 5 K1 Max and get 3 pcs PEI Build Plate Kit

*Enjoy an additional half-year warranty service

*Get 1 year of Creality Cloud VIP membership

*Technical support and one-to-one after-sales support

*Only farmers who buy K1 Max in bulk can enjoy the exclusive privileges.

How to Join?

Step 1: Fill out the Registration Form.

Please fill the registration form first and we will get in touch with you. Register time: September 16th to October 16th

Step 2: Record a Video Highlighting Your 3D Print Farm and Send It to Us.

*We would appreciate your participation in the video. Please introduce your farm and record the printing process on your farm.

*The video should not be less than 2 minutes and make sure that the filming date is clearly visible within the video.

*Emphasize that sharing or lending the video to others is not permitted.

*Please send the video via email to and we will check it and reply to you an email that the identity verification has been approved. Please send the video before October 16th.

Step 3: Buy a K1 Max with Discounts or Get It for Free!

Verified farmers can buy a K1 Max at a reduced price or acquire it for free. Time: September 22nd to October 22nd.

Step 4: Record a K1 Max Unboxing Video or Printing Video by Using K1 Max

Upon receipt of your K1 Max, please record an K1 Max unboxing video or video using K1 Max to print on your farm.

Step 5: Share Your Videos on Social Media or Send to Us.

Please upload the video to your social media channel and tag @creality when posting. Alternatively, you can send the video to us via email to We may use this video for various promotional purposes, including but not limited to editing, publishing and other promotional activities.


Q1:Do I need to pay for shipping?

A1:We will cover the shipping costs and any applicable customs duties.

Q2:Can I buy a K1 Max from your online store?

A2:Yes! You can purchase K1 Max from our online store including US store, CA store, EU store, DE store, UK store, JP store, and AU store.

Q3:Can I get the discounts of participating in the event and the discounts of buying K1 Max in bulk at the same time?

A3:Yes! All verified farmers are eligible to receive both the discounts for participating in the event and the bulk purchase discounts for the K1 Max.


1. Verified 3D print farmers can buy a K1 Max with the participating discount or get it for free. If you want to buy K1 Max less than 5, please contact us for a special plan tailored to you.
2. Verified 3D print farmers can buy K1 Max with discounts at Creality online stores including US, EU, DE, UK, AU, CA and JP. And each verified farmer can only use the coupon code once.
3. If you have any questions about the 3D print farm event, feel free to contact us at
4. Creality reserves all rights of the event and rules.

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