K1 Power Boost Kit Countdown & Shipping Arrangement Notice

Update on Sep 21st!!!

The K1 Power Boost Kit event page has expired. If you have registered successfully before, please complete your order on this order page before Sep. 24th at 24:00 (EDT). Note, new orders will not be accepted after this date!



Dear Valued K1 Power Boost Kit Customer,


Thank you for your trust and support during K1 Power Boost Kit event. We're preparing to ship your package as the event nears its end. Please review the following shipping arrangements and provide essential information like your personal ID and tax number for a smoother delivery experience.


1. Deadline for your K1 kit order:

The K1 Power Boost Kit event page will close on Sep. 21st at 24:00 (EDT). After this date, we won't accept new registrations. If you've signed up for the K1 power boost kit but haven't paid yet, you have until Sep. 24th at 24:00 (EDT) to complete your purchase, after which your orders will be invalid.


2. Shipment from Local Overseas Warehouses:

If you're located in one of the following countries, your order will ship from a nearby warehouse.


3. Shipment from China:

For areas not covered by overseas warehouses:

a. If you're in China mainland, China Hong Kong, or China Taiwan, we'll use SF Express for delivery. Important!! If you're in Taiwan or HongKong, please submit your personal ID and address in Chinese through the following form (the HongKong customer only needs to submit your address in Chinese), which is required by the shipping company to dispatch your package:

Click to fill in: https://forms.gle/ifMGRGh4sayvBL7b9


b. If you are in South America, South Africa, please fill in this form with your tax identification number (TIN), which is a necessity for us to successfully send your package:

Click to fill in: https://forms.gle/LSytx3Re8hhy31Zp6


c. If you are in Russia or Ukraine, because of certain circumstances, your package may take longer than other countries. It is estimated that your package will arrive in November.


Shipping Time: Due to the high number of participants, we will ship in batches around Sep 21st. All packages are estimated to be sent out within one month.

Tracking Your Shipment: Once shipped, we'll email you the tracking number to the email address you used for sign-up, so pls keep an eye on your inbox. You can also track your shipment here using your K1 kit Order ID and Email.


Note: Incomplete information may cause delays or issues. We'll prioritize orders with complete address information, so please provide your personal ID or tax ID promptly to expedite your shipment.


d. For Turkiye customers, due to the complex tax procedure, your package will be initially sent to the official local distributor Genix and Genix will pay all customs clearance costs on your behalf. Kindly understand because of the one-month sea shipment from China to Turkey, there may be some delays. The package is estimated to reach you in the middle of November and the local cargo company will message you for the delivery.


Finally, we're dedicated to swiftly delivering your K1 kit, but international shipping can encounter unforeseen challenges. Your patience is appreciated in case of any issues or delays. Be assured that we're working diligently to ensure the safe arrival of all packages.


4. Shipping Costs and Taxes:
We cover the shipping costs for all K1 kit orders. However, please note that you are responsible for any import taxes. We recommend monitoring your package and contacting your local customs office when necessary.


5. Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is here for you. Reach out via email at event@creality.com, and we'll do our best to assist you.

Thank you once again for your trust and support. We can't wait for you to receive your package after the event ends, and we hope you'll be delighted with our products.

Wishing you great success!

Warm regards,
Creality Team


K1 Power Boost Kit Countdown & Shipping Arrangement Notice

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