Creality Ender-7: Beyond Fast

“Currently, there are generally three sets of printing speed that 3D printers can support. The first set is has been grouped at around 40 to 50mm/s, while the second set prints at about 80-100mm/s. Meanwhile, the fastest set prints at around 150mm/s. Some printers may even print at a speed faster than 150 mm/s.” The review from All3DP.

Ender-7 3D printer:
A new experience for high-speed 3D printing

Creality Ender-7 3d printer

The positioning of Ender-7 3D printer:

A new product always is released during the annual anniversary celebrations of Creality. So, the Creality Ender-7 3d printer is our latest high-end Ender series product. Continuation of the Ender-6 high-speed printing function in Ender-7, Continue to work on more speed breakthroughs.

Personal desktop-level product positioning caters to a small number of users with industrial fast printing needs.

Design Inspiration:

The product shape is derived from the structural form of the ancient building " Athenaeum ", and the most intuitive visual feeling is the magnificent ramification.

In order to make sure the powerful performance of the product, the three Roman column type profiles were adopted to build the product, increasing the stability of the same time, but also reflects the " three beget everything " philosophy. It is a symbol of the omnipotence of this printer.

Each side of a triangle corresponds to only one corresponding angle and is unique. Therefore, the triangle is the most solid shape. Therefore, it is also the most mechanically stable.

What is make the Ender-7 raise our collective eyebrow?

Compared with the Creality Ender-6 3D printer:

Product Ender-7 Ender-6
Product Picture Ender-7 Ender-6
Print Speed 250mm/S 150mm/S
Print Size 250 × 250 × 300 mm 250x250x400mm
Machine Size 430 × 460 × 570 mm 495x495x650mm
Layer thickness 0.1mm-0.4mm 0.1mm-0.4mm
Print bed Carborundum glass Carborundum glass

It can be seen clearly that the print size of Ender-6 is bigger than the print size of Ender-7, The large size of the printer allows the possibility of creating models to a certain extent, without the small size of the printer making it difficult to design models.

As we all know, the most important for people to buy the Ender-6 is fast printing speed, just Imagine if there were a printer that could print faster than Ender-6.

Aiming to establish a "new speed benchmark" in the FDM field, the Ender-7 is the latest addition to the company's long-running Ender series, capable of printing at speeds of up to 250 millimeters per second.

Aimed at designers and hobbyists, Creality's fastest Ender is also equipped with a dual motor-equipped Core-XY structure with linear orbital positioning, allowing users to print at speed without sacrificing model accuracy.

How to ensure precision under fast printing speed?

Creality Ender-7 high-speed 3d printing

1:Core-XY structure, precise control
Utilizing Core-XY structure, dual motors running parallelly with coordinated operations, faster speed, and higher precision.

2:High-speed cooling fans
Thanks to its unique butterfly-shaped wing ducted cooling fan, the new Ender also draws in 169% more air than previous models, providing the cooling needed to ensure print quality, while its customized nozzle can hold up to 50mm³ inside its melt for smooth feeding, even at high printing speeds.

3. Structure:
Maintaining the minimalist aesthetic seen in previous Ender machines, the Ender-7 features the familiar dual support frame that continues to provide print platform stability.

As a result of these upgrades, the Ender-7 is finally able to ensure the quality and efficiency of the printed shape.

Creality Ender-7: Beyond Fast