Amazing Deal --$1 Nozzle Kit

With 1 dollar, what things can you buy for 3D printing products? Spare parts, filaments, printers or anything else? Have to say that it could be nothing to buy with 1 dollar. 

But recently, the Creality Official store released a promotion: 1 dollar to buy 5pcs nozzles, total of 5pcs! Sale is valid from 2022/5/24 00:00 ~ 2022/5/31 24:00 EST

And also other hot-selling products can be bought for a good price, you can buy more Creality products at a lower price.

If you are looking for Creality 3D printer, you are recommended to buy printer combo, up to 30% OFF!

Ender-3 / 3S1 + Filaments + Accessories Combo, Halot-One/ Lite Printer + Resins Combo, and Sermoon V1 Pro + Filaments Combo.

Printing materials play an important role when users print a model. If a printer is bought without printing material, then users also need to pay more cost in shipping to buy filaments or resin.

So, printer combos help you to save more time and money!

In addition, for the current printer owners, there are also multiple products at a surprise price.

New arrival parts and printing materials, buy more save more.

Various hot-selling items for $9.99-$59.99, printer motherboard, printing platform and auto-leveling kit, there's always one for your printer.

In terms of filaments, Creality launched a new upgrade filament---CR-Silk filament, it is high gloss and silk texture, ideal for printing noble decorations, structures and artwork.

Do you want to be the first lucky guy to use the new silk filament? If so, please do not hesitate to get it from Creality Official Store.

More other filaments and resins with kinds of nice colors choice and great offers as well.

All items ship from the US warehouse, US users can receive them quickly when you place an order, and more countries will be available soon.

No worries about the tax fee and longtime shipping, we are free shipping on orders over $99.

Let's see how good price they are==> Learn More

Amazing Deal --$1 Nozzle Kit