Brand Stories

Brand Stories

We Warm The World With Our Actions

We Warm The World With Our Actions

“Create reality and achieve dreams. This is deeply rooted in the philosophy of creation.“

Creality CEO Ao Danjun

The First Creality Brand Ambassador

-Aug. 2021, Africa

Kyler Resser- the Engineering PhD at Binghamton University, the volunteer in e-NABLE organization, he brought the 3D printer to Lake Victoria in Africa, bringing the convenience of technology to the local people and printing prosthetic limbs for people with limb differences in Tanzania. 

Creality, as the evangelist of the 3D printing industry, is highly similar to his spirit of philanthropy and innovation. For this reason, Dr. Kyle Reeser was chosen to be the 2021-2022 Creality Brand Ambassador.

3D Print Outer Space Dream

-Sep. 2021, Brazil

Space Robotics, a public service teaching program, focuses on the theme of "Create The Future by 3D Printing" and goes to schools in poor communities, rural communities and indigenous communities in Brazil to provide local school students with theoretical and practical knowledge of 3D printer.

We provide about 250 Ender-3 printers for 250 schools in Brazil to teach and 3D print space robots and other works as we are the unique partner in this project, contributes our technology and printer for the development of global 3D printing education and aerospace industry.

Creality Donation: Prosthetics Project

-Oct. 2021, Brazil

Mao3D is an Extension Social Project of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), in São José dos Campos (SP), Brazil, created in 2015 by Profª Drª. Maria Elizete Kunkel. 

It produces and donates upper limb mechanical prosthesis, manufactured by 3D printing, for children and adults with amputation or upper limb malformation, with rehabilitation included.

On this occasion, we turned our attention to the prosthetics program. We found Mao3D and got in touch with them.

Each one who wants to make a collaboration will be considered and evaluated seriously by Creality.

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