Rules for recruiting product experience officer
Event time: 3/15/2023~3/30/2023
Result disclose on: April 6, 2023
Number of recruits: 2

Congratulations @motopsychos_asylum (Instagram)and @officialtatanka (Twitter) won in the K1 experience Officer Hiring Event. You will be the first to test o our new flagship K1 3D Printers.
Please send the email address you signed up on the event page to us.(

How to participate:

1. Subscribe and fill out the registration form before the deadline.
2. Share the landing page or poster of the recruitment on social media and leave comments on the new K1 printers with hashtag #crealityk1.
(Please follow relevant laws and regulations).

You are more likely to be the officer if you share the event more!!!

After the deadline, we will determine the list of officers based on your post engagement. The names of officers will be unveiled 5 days after the deadline and will stay public for 3 days.

An email will send to you if you are chosen as the experience officer, requiring you to give the address to receive our new printer. If your email address is invalid or you failed to give the receiver address, then it is deemed you have waivered the right to be the experience officer.

By participating in the recruitment, you shall agree that, after receiving the new printer, you will try it, write a trial report and send the report to us in about 7-10 days, and you shall grant Creality and the dealers of Creality to use the trial report to (not limited to): promote the new printer or the brand image of Creality, after deleting information that may lead to safety issues or any false information.

Bonus for participation: coupon code, free filament