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Dear users,

We are collecting user feedback about the features in Creality Print. Creality Print is a self-developed FDM slicing software produced by Creality. It’s a practical and easy-to-use tool that can help you slice 3D models and remote control and monitor your 3D printers and help print directly from your computer. With Creality Print, you can access your Creality Cloud account to operate the whole printing process.

To provide you with a better 3D printing experience, please give us your feedback, tell us about your experience when using Creality Print, such as how usable it is, and what could be improved. We will 100 Cuvacoins for each previous advice you gave, and 3 months Creality Cloud Premium plan free trial as a thank you reward.

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How to Enter

Step 1: Download and install Creality Print slicing software V3.11.1 or later for Windows. Download Here>>

Step 2: Sign up/log in to Creality Print

Step 3: Explore the features in Creality Print

Step 4: Send us your feedback.

1. Sign up /log in to your Creality Cloud account, and join the Creality Print group.

2. Post your feedback in the group. 

NB: Clearly state the problem you came across in Creality Print and what software version you are using. It’s better to post with images or videos which can describe your problem directly.


1. 100 Cuvacoins for each precious and valued piece of advice you post in the Creality Print group. The more advice you gave, the more Cuvacoins you got.

2. 3 months Creality Cloud Premium Plan free trial for the top 3 users who posted their feedback most.

Campaign Time

August 30, 2022 - September 12, 2022 (UTC+8)


1. For the same feedback or suggestion, the reward goes to the first one who posted that feedback.

2. The reward is only valid for the feedback of Creality Print. 

3. The reward will be sent on September 16, 2022.

4. The final interpretation of the campaign belongs to Creality Cloud.

By Creality Cloud

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Creality Print- Your Feedback Matters!

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