What do the kids tell us about the #spacerobots in their brushes?

In children’s eyes, the world is colorful and full of creativity. Attaching high importance to education, Creality keeps caring about the healthy growth of children around the world. 

On October 12th, 2021, We organized a painting activity for children in Brazil. Participants were asked to draw a picture of their ideal spatial robot, after which their works can be submitted to us through social media platforms or email. We will select 10 as the best works from the entries, with 1 first prize awarded an Ender-3 3D Printer and the rest 9 awarded 3D printing pens. 

Children are the hope for the future. Creality, dedicated into 3D printer’s research and development, always makes efforts to cultivate children’s interest in technology and optimize their education facility. 

Here come the drawings that we have collected:

Let's listen to the stories of the space robots in their minds through their paintings!

What do the kids tell us about the #spacerobots in their brushes?

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