Giveaway: CR-Scan Lizard First Scan Collection

Hey, friends. Thank you for your support of Creality 3D Scanner, CR-Scan Lizard. Have you scanned anything yet? Please share your work with us for a chance to win a big prize.

How to participate?

Please click the link below to unlock entries!

You can log in using your email/ Facebook/google/Twitter/ YouTube account, and then you will see 8 actions together with entries.

You can complete every action to unlock entries. The more entries you earn, the more chances to win big prizes.

Prize for the most entries:

Participants with the most entries win a CR-Laser Falcon (10W)

If there are multiple participants with the same amount of the most entries, they will enter into a separate lucky draw.

Random draw prize

1x Ender-3 S1 Pro

4x Color Kit or Turntable

15x $20 coupon for 3D printer

20x $5 coupon for everything else

10x Creality Cloud Premium

The giveaway will end on July 10th,2022. Please Join us to win a big prize. If you haven't received your 3D Scanner yet, you can also unlock other entries and get a chance to enter a random draw.

We will also hold another giveaway in the next period.Welcome all of you to enjoy it.

If you are interested in the CR-Scan Lizard, you can order from the store below. Shop on our official store.


Giveaway: CR-Scan Lizard First Scan Collection

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