Creality Eco Stars Contest 2022

3D printing is leading Industry 4.0 as one of the main characters. 3D printing dedicates to environment protecting the area.

As part of saving the environment in the 3D industry, Creality is responsible for having a positive impact on the environment: supporting a circular economy, lower carbon footprint, and reducing manufacturing waste. Because the key is not to stop consuming but to start being mindful of our actions and how to affect the ecosystem.

Creality advocacy and hope to be inspired by the good ideas you find in the use of 3D printers in order to optimize our products and contribute to the betterment of the 3D printing industry.

We held a world environmental day in early June 2022 and received some feedback from people as well. Here are the entries of two of our winners, come and learn more about their environmental ideas.

Entry 1:

''3D Printed Snap-Fit Plastic bag locking mechanism Hey guys, this is my entry for the Creality Eco-Friendly Union 2022 in celebration of the World Environment day. This mechanism is based on snap fit locks linked together which can be attached onto any plastic bag and the length can be changed based on the size of the plastic bag by adding or subtracting the links. This mechanism ensures that plastic bag containers once cut open, are not thrown away and can be re-used without compromising on the size of the storage inside.''——Nisarg Doshi said.

Entry 2:

What are some other ideas that Creality could do to help reduce its carbon footprint?

Here are a couple of ideas for Clint Sturm.

1. A spool return program (with a local sub supplier or partner that they have spread all across the world where you return your spool you return so many spools you get a little sample of a new filament. same with the resin)
2. A toner return program
3. A recycle return program
4. School return program
5. Older printer return program And so on...

Thanks all for joining us in celebrating our Earth! Protecting the environment is everybody's responsibility. 

Creality Eco Stars Contest 2022

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