Where to buy Creality Filaments?

Creality original filaments are perfectly compatible with Creality printers and compatible with 99% FDM Printers in the market.

Creality filaments use high-quality raw materials, it has excellent printing performance, such as high toughness, clogging-free, no warping of the printed model, and easy to remove the model support, keeping perfect details.

Creality filaments have been sold to 120+ countries and regions so that 3D printing users around the world can enjoy the high-performance printing experience. Apart from the offline shops of authorized distributors, what other online shops can users buy Creality filaments from?

You are recommended to buy from Creality Official Store

Currently, we sell to US and more online stores will be available soon.

The good news, US and Japanese users can also buy Creality filaments via the link of the Creality distributor's store, which is currently having a sale where you can get 12% off any two spools in the shop with a coupon code! Coupon code expiry date:2022.5.12-5.18

US Store

12% Off Coupon Code: QETZGTQA 

Japanese Store:

12% Off Coupon Code: FW3Q6NVK 

Users from other countries can purchase at the following link

Europe, *Canada, *Chile, *Czech.


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Where to buy Creality Filaments?

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