Fashion 3D Printing | Iris van Herpen Sparkles Fashion Show with 3D Printed Wearable Dress

Fashion 3D Printing | Iris van Herpen Sparkles Fashion Show with 3D Printed Wearable Dress

Iris van Herpen, the Dutch emerging the designer is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a garment construction technique. Her designs always blend the past and future into a a unique version of the present by fusing technology and traditional Couture craftsmanship.


Iris cuts knits and twists hard and cold materials, and uses modern high-tech such as 3D modeling to create a super-strong visual impact, directly or indirectly expressing the cultural life and aesthetic characteristics of an era. High-tech techniques such as 3D printing vitalize her designs with a super strong visual impact perfectly fusing the ancient craftsmanship with modern rejuvenation.


The combination of 3D printing and tailoring techniques expand the boundaries of fashion design. Iris collaborated with Kim Keever, the New York artist and former NASA engineer, on the 3D printed facial contour jewelry and a cloud-like dress in translucent Euro sex, which makes the whole design stylish and mysterious. The accurate 3D printing technology enables the elegant gauze material to perfectly merge with the sophisticated design.

In the fields of 3D printing and fashion, Iris Van Herpen and scientists have developed a method of combining 3D printed plastics with natural fibers. The team used multi-material Polyjet 3D printing technology to print a synthetic resin structure on a piece of tulle (only 0.8 mm thick). During the printing process, the resin droplets are precipitated and then cured with ultraviolet light and the designer can change the color and transparency of the material by interposing different droplets of the substance. Modifying clothing is not only a need for design, but also a further manifestation of technological advancement. 3D printed clothing can not only reflect the curve of the human body, but also proper polish the clothing.

In 2013, Victoria's secret displayed 3D printed underwear which mainly uses snowflake-shaped headwear and ice crystal-shaped clothing as the main shape, which fully embodies grace, sensuality, and concentration in the clothing. This design concept is mainly based on the principle of feasibility. If people do not choose clothing such as scarves to decorate in the hot summer, they choose necklaces, brooches, etc. for decoration.


Fashion industry

New Balance takes full advantage of 3D printing to produce sneakers with 3D printed midsoles. Not just focusing on appearances, New Balance is determined to pay more attention to shoe performance and comfort improvement. The newly released classic 990 Sport with a 3D printed TripleCell heel is lighter, more supportive, and more durable thanks to the 3D printing material superiorities.


In the jewelry industry, Peter Donders is a prime example of a person working with the limitlessness of 3D printing. With his experience in furnishings design and workmanship, Peter knows exactly how to make use of 3D modeling software applications and 3D printers. He designs and develops his own brand jewelry, I didn't really intend to make a 3D printed fashion jewelry collection. Somebody asked me to produce something small and afterward, my plan got a little out of hand: I wound up with a whole collection of 3D prints."


3D printing technology is becoming more and more mature in the field of clothing. Many structures and shapes that are difficult to achieve in 2D can be realized through 3D technology. It is not difficult to imagine that this unique molding method will inevitably bring new modeling language and aesthetic changes. 



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