Education 3D Printing | Combination of 3D printing technology and education

Education 3D Printing | Combination of 3D printing technology and education

As we all know, with the development of 3D printing technology, its application is more and more extensive. With the emerging 3D technology, the combination with education must be the best. In this article, there are relationships between 3D printing technology and education application, advantages of 3D printing in education, and specific applications about 3D printing in education.

3D printing technology and educational application is complementary to each other and mutually promoting. On the one hand, 3D printing can make students experience a cognitive learning model, which can increase the fun of learning and promote the teaching effect; on the other hand, students can also enhance their practical ability in the process of participating in design and printing.


Advantages of 3D printing in education

1. Enhance students' interest in learning

3D printing is applied to education. It can increase their interest in learning by understanding the three-dimensional space; It can transform some of the abstract knowledge in the students' books into three-dimensional and real objects, so the teacher will be more vivid in the explanation.


2. Training students' creativity

The enhancement of learning interest is conducive to the development of thinking because students are the most imaginative. Combined with the knowledge learned in ordinary books and the teaching necessities brought to students by 3D printing, it will promote the the innovation of the whole learning process.


3. Great for teachers to teach better and students to learn better

In the actual teaching process, with the application of 3D technology, teachers can show some 3D images to students, which makes up for the lack of teaching aids, enriches the teaching content, promotes the teaching efficiency, and thus enhances students' understanding and mastery of knowledge.


However, the key challenge in education, from engineering and mathematics to geography and history, is to allow everyone to grasp the most abstract concepts. Have you ever thought of adding additive manufacturing for your teaching plan to make your course easier to understand? 3D printing is a solution for teaching so that everyone can manipulate complex ideas in physics. 


In geography class, by using 3D technology to print a globe, students can find their own position on the globe, and also can have a little more understanding of the colorful world. (Actually, you can print the detail of the globe with 3D printing pen.)


In a mathematics class, for those complex geometry, students will inevitably have a headache and be tired of learning. However, with 3D technology, teachers can print out those complex three-dimensional spaces, so that students can feel the charm of three-dimensional geometry visually, so as to have a passion for mathematics learning.

In the history class, 3D technology is used to print out antiques, so that students can feel the wisdom of their predecessors, understand the ancient world and add some fun to the boring class.


In the engineering class, the printed model is not only convenient for teachers to teach, but also for students to understand and master complex engineering easily.


All in all, additive manufacturing enables students to be more innovative and hands-on practical ability turns students' creativity and imagination into reality.


Stick to the evangelist spirit of 3D printing, Creality puts a lot of effort into promoting 3D printing education. We have sponsored numerous competitions to range from domestic national skill competition to international robotics competitions. Furthermore, the company keeps donating 3D printer and material to Chinese distressed area like Ta-Liang Mountains of Guizhou province.


Besides the STEAM education, a 3D printer could also be combined to help other subjects become more vivid, like the geographical model in the geography class. We dedicated to bring innovative education to teenagers and prepare better opportunities for the future workforce in smart manufacturing.


Creality provides one-stop education 3D printer solution, which includes the curriculum design, 3D printer and filament support, teacher training, and 3D printing certification. If you are a teacher in school who wants to perform the “future education”, or a 3D printing hobbyist who wants to enter the STEAM education filed. Creality is here to help you. Contact us for your exclusive solution today!


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