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Product News| Easily Remove Your Prints with Perfect First Layer from Carborundum Glass Platform

The ideal build plate for the job typically depends on the materials you are printing. If you are in search of a perfect first layer and easy removal of your final prints, the best choice is supposed to be glass bed. In fact, carborundum glass plate broads more superiorities than pure glass. Let’s get into it!

Here are some advantages of a glass bed over other print bed:

1. Flat surface for smooth first layer. Glass is of such a high modulus of elasticity and thermal stability. As it remains flat and consistent, the glass bed can provide such a mirror-like glossy base to guarantee a smooth finish of the first layer.
2. Durable. Compared to other materials, glass has higher thermal shock resistance, the ability of a solid to withstand sudden changes in temperature during heating or cooling. It makes the glass bed much more durable and resistant.
3. Effortless print removal. It is an evident fact that no one wants to spare much effort into removing prints from the print bed. It wastes time and energy, and cause damage to the final objects and the print plate as well.
4. Easy clean-up. Print beds are getting rougher due to over and over again printing, which results in an uneven print surface. The glossy nature of glass makes it easier to clean a glass bed with acetone or a regular glass cleaner.
5. Economic. The glass bed normally costs $12-30 per piece. Due to its durability and wear-resistance, the glass bed does not require frequent replacement on a regular basis thus saving a lot of money in the long run.
Except for the superiorities mentioned above, carborundum glass plate is a more sophisticated glass bed that provides better adhesion to prints, but at the same time, releases them very easily. Based on the repeated tests, the carborundum glass bed is compatible with more materials TPU, ABS, PC, Nylon, and PETG than only PLA.

The glass increases strong adhesion when the composite molecule is heated up, which makes the prints strongly stick to the print bed. The excellent flatness of the print bed results from the perfect combination of the glass and carborundum composite material. Covered with an inorganic coating surface, the build plate can reach 8 Mohs hardness, and heat resistance to 400℃,enabling the print bed to have an even longer service life than aluminum and copper. To extend the choice range for users, Creality provides various sizes for Ender-3, CR-10S, and CR-X.