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Product News| Creality V1.1.5 Silent Motherboard to Boost Your 3D Printing on Ender-3

Ender-3 is one of the global bestsellers of Creality, the most suitable choice for entry-level 3D printing hobbyists. Ever since its release, Ender-3 has created its shipment record of 200,000 units in 2018. The broad DIY upgradability of this machine enables our users to enjoy a sense of accomplishment of being a product engineer.

Among all the upgrades and mods, the V1.1.5 silent motherboard is one of the most popular plans among users. If you want the Ender-3 to go quieter, you won’t hesitate to replace the pre-installed normal motherboard with this V1.1.5 silent motherboard. This little chip is capable of upgrading the base stepper motor drivers to TMC-branded stepper drivers, greatly reducing the sound profile during prints.
Equipped with the functional electronic components for lightning protection, anti-static protection, anti-short circuit protection, overpower protection, the V1.1.5 silent motherboard will effectively reduce potential risks so as to guarantee use safety during printing. It adopts high quality MOS tube for better heat dissipation to prolong the service life of the motherboard and the printer.

The installation of the silent motherboard V1.1.5 to Ender-3 is quite easy, essentially a plug-and-play upgrade. It broads all the necessary interfaces including BL-Touch auto-leveling device and filament sensor. As it comes with the default Marlin 1.1.8 firmware, the process will be quite straightforward. The Creality V1.1.5 silent motherboard is not only applicable with Ender-3, but also Ender-3 Pro, Ender-5, and CR-20.
Below are tutorial Installation videos for Ender-3/Ender-3 Pro and Ender-5

Creality focuses on improving product quality and user experience quality. The ultra-silent system of the V1.1.5 silent motherboard will keep the printing volume lower than 50dB, which allows your 3D printer to enter various application scenarios such as office, laboratory, and institutes, enjoying quiet printing all ways.