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Product News| Creality 3D Provides PTFE Teflon Tube for Precise Filament Transmission

Without the 3D printer PTFE Teflon tube, 3D printer shall no longer achieve 3D printing any final objects. Teflon tube is not directly attached to the hot end, but actually extends from the extruder to the hot end, enabling 3D printing filament to travel through to the hot end.

Basic Information of PTFE Teflon Tube

Standard Teflon tube is mainly designed for 1.75mm 3D printing filament, and also Creality also offers the 1.9mm inner diameter tube. Moreover, the 1.9mm Teflon tube reduces the wiggle room, allowing printing flexible filaments even in an extremely long tube system. Teflon tube is made from the finest pure virgin PTFE, so it always has good flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and melting point. Due to the high quality of the imported Teflon tube, the PTFE tube is capable of operating at an even higher temperature than any other common Bowden tube, heat resistance reaching up to 260℃.

What are the exact functions of the Teflon tube?
The PTFE is there to prevent heat from traveling up the extruder and melting the filament prematurely. Without the PTFE Teflon tube, the filament will kink up and jam. 

Basic guide on how to replace Teflon tube:
1. Loose the nozzle tip
First, the nozzle needs to be preheated to 240℃ before loosening the nozzle tip.  Then, loose the nozzle tip with a 7 mm spanner and hold the heat block with a 17mm spanner.
2. Detach the nozzle
Stop heating up the print nozzle when completely detaching the nozzle.
3. Detach the nozzle fan
Use a 2.5 mm spanner to loosen the four M3x18 mm screws of the nozzle fan.
4. Detach the extruder
Use 2.5 mm spanner to loosen the two M3x40 mm screws of the extruder.
5. Detach the extruder motor
Use a 2.5 mm spanner to loosen the M3x40 mm screws of the idler.
6. Remove the plastic parts
Manually remove all the plastic parts on the extruder.
7. Detach the nozzle heat block
Unscrew the nozzle with pliers.
8. Remove the old Teflon tube
Grab the Teflon tube from with pliers and remove it out from the nozzle.

9. Replace it with new Teflon tube
Insert the new Teflon tube into the nozzle.
10. Re-modify the new Teflon tube into proper size
Cut the extra part of the Teflon tube with a blade or scissors.
11. Assemble the nozzle
Fully clean the nozzle tip before assembling the nozzle. Then, insert the nozzle back to the nozzle heat block as deep as you can.
12. Fasten the Teflon tube
Press the Teflon tube as deep as you can into the nozzle.
13. Assemble the extruder
14. Install the extruder to your 3D printer
15. Mount the nozzle fan to the extruder
16. Screw idlers
17. Load filament and test!

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