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Printer Guide| CNC Carve Your Aesthetic Wooden Artwork by CP-01

CNC carving is such a common method for DIY enthusiasts to design a variety of artworks, especially on wood. CNC carving machines usually produce artistic projects with speed and accuracy. The Creality modular 3D printer is such a good tool that offers you more possibilities to unlock your creativity.
How does CNC carver work?


Sharing similar prototype technology development like 3D printing, CNC carving also requires computer-aided design software such as Solidworks 3D. The CNC machine interprets the design as instructions for cutting prototype parts. CNC machines usually combine tools into a common unit or unit from which machine tools can be extracted. Basic machines move on one or two axes, while advanced machines move laterally on the x, y axis, longitudinally on the z-axis, and usually rotate around one or more axes. Multi-axis machines can automatically flip parts, allowing you to remove material that was previously "under". This eliminates the need for workers to flip prototype inventory materials and cut all sides without manual intervention. Fully automatic cutting is usually more accurate than manual entry. CNC carving machines are capable of working on a wide range of materials like aluminum, cork, wood, wax, acrylic, MDF, foam and plastic, extending your design possibility to the endless limit.
How to Make CNC Carved Objects?
In the CNC carving world, there are mainly three types of design process, namely the 2D carving, 2.5D carving, and 3D carving. Here we are mainly focusing on the 3D carving process.

To make sure your CNC machine can fully cut into 3D models, it must be a 3-axis caving machine, which is able to perform cutting movements simultaneously on the X, Y and Z axes. During its CNC carving process, the CNC cutter will follow a 3D curve or angled path to create complex shapes by sculpting into the material. First, you need to create the digital 3D models that you want in 3D design software. The model design must be build up properly by inserting and modifying basic 3D shapes rather than drawing with lines. Then, you need to program your 3D model in 3D CAM software so as to define the path that your machine is going to move and how to shape your model. Next, you just need to bring the printable files to your CNC carving machine and wait for them to come into being.
What CNC Carvers You can Choose?
The CNC carving seems not to work in the same fashion as 3D printing, so DIY hobbyists always have to spend extra budget on CNC machine. CP-01, to your surprise, can meet all your needs for creation in 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving.

In its CNC carving mode, the CP-01's rotary cutter tackles your designs by utilizing its powerfulHRC55 tungsten steel milling cutter, in an efficient process of removing the material with speed and accuracy. The versatility of these three modes, from 3D printing to laser engraving to CNC carving, and a wide range of materials to choose from, make your creative possibilities endless!

The CREALITY CP-01 is a good choice for entry-level users and customers having multiplying needs. Instead of purchasing three machines costing around $500 per piece, you can enjoy three different functions at a time.
Take a look at the CREALITY logo produced under the CNC carving mode.

Benefits of CNC Carving
Compared to conventional producing process, CNC carving boasts a range of advantages as shown below:
1. Higher machining accuracy.
2. CNC carving makes it possible to produce complex projects with details.
3. Higher flexibility to create various objects.
4. Better safety.
5. Larger production volume than conventional production process.
6. Reduce time cost.
CNC carving is such a good to extend your creativity into a broader field, bringing your ideas into ideal products.