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Must Read|6 Methods of Cost Accounting on 3D Printing

Are you considering starting your 3D printing business? If so, you definitely need a 3D printing cost calculator to help you calculate and measure costs to get the most profit. Let's explore the best and smartest option for you to figure out the product pricing in the following ways!
The principle of 3D printing cost calculator
It is very essential to calculate the 3D printing cost if you are going to start a 3D printing business. The calculators measure a range of different parameters to figure out the most competitive prices so as to help you make a profit.
First, let’s take a look at the frequently-used parameters:
Material Cost:
The beginning of each calculation is to calculate how material is used in the printing. This part is simple. If you buy 1kg of PLA filaments for $30 and print with 100 grams, the material cost is $3. (100 g / 1000 g x 30 USD).
Printing time:
Another basic parameter that plays an important role in calculating the price of 3D printing is the printing time. The 3D printing service charges a certain amount of printer royalties per hour. Each 3D printing business sets its own hourly cost. If you pay $2,000 to buy a 3D printer with a life expectancy of 2,000 hours, it costs about $1 an hour. (Attention: this example is only for illustrative purposes and may not be exactly equal to reality.)
Manual Post Processing:
As you might expect, every 3D printing requires at least some post-processing to serve the customer. Post-processing costs include common methods such as sanding parts.
Despite this, manual labor costs do not only refer to the post-processing of parts. The 3D printing business also includes packaging parts and sending them to customers, so it is also included in manual labor costs.
Extra Makeup Percentage:
The final step of calculating the price of 3D printing is usually based on a combination of material price, printing time and manual labor costs. For example, if the material, printing time, and manual labor cost $20, and your markup percentage is 10%, the total print price is $22.
Advanced parameters:
The above parameters are basic parameters. Some of the advanced parameters that make cost estimates more accurate include electricity prices and printer failure rates. Some methods will be introduce later include this class.
Calculator List

Omni is an online platform with hundreds of calculators for different purposes, such as science and finance. Specifically, the platform has 825 calculators. One of them is to calculate the cost of 3D printing.
The user interface is modern and easy to use. The calculator itself is fairly simple and efficient. In the first part, the user enters the price of the material and the length of the material. Your slicing software estimates the length of material needed to complete a print, so just copy the value and paste it into the calculator.
The second part is used to calculate the labor price based on the print time, and the last part is the position where the extra makeup percentage is added.

3DAddict is a thematic 3D printing website. In addition to providing users with content about 3D printing, a free 3D printing cost calculator is also available.
The first step in price calculation is to select the material to be used for printing and fill in the values of the layer height, infill percentage and print speed.
Next, the calculator will demonstrate the detail processes of calculation. You will see a large window showing the 3D model. This is actually a full-featured slicing software integrated into the calculator. This slicing software estimates the print time and calculates the amount of material needed to be consumed in the printing process.
Tough not good-looking enough, the website works very well, supporting to calculate different parameters such as maintenance, electricity, packaging and shipping costs, as well as the markup percentage. Extensive parameter selection ensures that 3D printing costs and profits are calculated as accurately as possible.

3DprintingPro is a 3D printing website that provides online courses for 3D printing and also a practical platform and tool.
With a self-developed 3D printing cost calculator integrated into the website, it allows you to enter many different parameters so that you can easily calculate how much to charge customers.
The main focus of the calculator is to assist in 3D printing business activities, so the parameters also include tax rates, which is a big advantage! Finally, the calculator calculates your profit and gives you the fees you should charge your customers to get the profit you want.
Another benefit of this calculator is that each function provided on the calculator has an explanation. This feature is very important to help beginners navigate through the settings.
All in all, this is a precise, business-centric calculator.

Shatter-Box is a knowledge base website, which was born in the game development industry, but can also be used as a 3D printing cost calculation tool!
It is free software that can be downloaded directly from Shatter-Box. There are no new changes in the way the tool itself works. You can change common parameters such as print time, material cost, profit margin, and other parameters you have introduced so far. All in all, there are plenty of important parameters - it's there!
We finally tell you what caused us to pay attention to this software: you may have noticed that it is the first calculator in the list that does not need to connect to Wi-Fi. It is a downloadable tool that you can use offline as needed.
Another feature of obtaining this calculator in this article is the possibility of providing multiple profiles for different printers. This is a very important feature of the 3D printing business, which works with several different 3D printers. This feature saves time because it stores the following information for each printer profile:
Printer power consumption, electricity price, profit, quantity, circulation.
Honestly, this calculator left a very good impression on us. However, a more advanced version of this software is not free. Its paid version adds two additional interfaces: the management interface and the print job interface.
The management interface gives you a structured view of the materials, diameters, and printers that contain the work steps, while the print job interface allows users to easily track multiple ongoing print jobs and their status.

It is a platform that changes according to manufacturing needs, combining traditional manufacturing processes with digital 3D printing.
The content on this website is focused on 3D printing and offers a free 3D printing cost calculator. It's a simple calculator that enables everyone to quickly calculate the cost of work with the scattered time in their garage.
3D Printing Headquarters

Visually, 3D Print Headquarters seems to be out of date, but don't create an illusion. This calculator has been improved over the years and has proven to be an excellent 3D printing cost calculator for many years.
It's one of the easiest-to-use products, and for most people, this is everything they need. In the common parameters, you can also adjust the printer purchase price and printing failure rate. The purpose is to provide the most accurate calculation possible.
The calculator is free to use, but the authors also allow their users to order spreadsheets that include 3D printing cost calculations - this optional service is not free.
Are you ready to use the above tools to create a more efficient and productive production model for your company?