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Makers Guide| Creality 3D Brass Nozzle: Features Overview

3D printer nozzle is such an essential component part of the hot end that determines the quality of the final prints. As it is also the frequently used part, 3D printer nozzle requires replacement.  In this article, we will probe into some detail secrets about the Creality 3D brass nozzle.

When it comes to 3D printer nozzle, the nozzle material and nozzle size are two frequently discussed topics. The Creality 3D printer brass nozzle is made from imported international brass of better thermal conductivity, supporting to print most non-abrasive materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, TPE, TPU, PC. To make it applicable for most 3D printer and uses, the Creality 3D brass nozzle is of a standard diameter -0.4mm, which is perfectly compatible with 1.75mm filament.
Adding more highlights to the nozzle, Creality 3D brass nozzle is finely crafted with a better inner structure. Before Creality 3D starts the production process of the 3D printer nozzle, overall market research finds that normal 3D printer nozzles often have a rough inner wall, making the extruded filament with an uneven finish, and easily encountering with nozzle clog issues. Based on this reality, Creality 3D makes the nozzle born with a chamfer feed-in nose promoting a much smoother filament feed-in. Furthermore, the Creality 3D brass nozzle is abraded to have a smooth inner wall without any glitches, decreasing the filament feed-out friction to eliminate the possibility of nozzle blockage.
The original Creality 3D brass nozzle can be widely compatible with various brands of hot end including but not limited to E3D, MK8, Ultimaker, and can be used on all Creality 3D printer such as Ender-3, CR-10, CR-10 V2, CP-01, and etc.
Note: What you need t pay attention to when choosing a 3D printer nozzle?
1. Select a nozzle that is compatible with your printer / hot end.
2. Make sure the nozzle is good for extruding your filament.
* Brass nozzle for non-abrasive materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, TPE, TPU, PC.
3. Make it clear how frequent you will use the nozzle.
4. The final resolution decides your nozzle diameter. The finer the detail in the XY Plane, the smaller your nozzle orifice should be.
5. The printing speed is a factor determining the nozzle diameter. For faster printing, choose a larger diameter nozzle and larger layer heights.