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Industry News| MIIT Outlines Measures to Resume Work Boosting High Tech Sectors including Additive Manufacturing

On Feb. 25th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT) issued the Guiding Opinions on the Orderly Promotion of the Resumption of work and Production of Industrial Communication Enterprises.

The NO.6 Guiding Opinions makes it clear that the government promotes resume work and production in key industries. Under the premise of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control is in place, the government encourages resume work and production in non-epidemic prevention and control areas and strives to achieve the development goals of the communication industry this year.

The detail content reads as follows:
Priority is given to supporting industries with long industrial chains and strong driving capabilities, such as automobiles, electronics, ships, aviation, power equipment, and machine tools. Continue to support industries such as smart photovoltaics and lithium-ion batteries, as well as individual leaders in manufacturing, and consolidate the competitive advantage of the industry chain. Focus on supporting strategic emerging industries such as 5G, industrial Internet, integrated circuits, industrial robots, additive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, new displays, new energy vehicles, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Vigorously improve the supporting capabilities of supporting industries such as food packaging materials, automotive parts, core components, and key electronic materials.

During the epidemic prevention and control, high tech industry has played an important role in promoting the success of the tough-fought battle. According to news report, high tech enterprises such as those in 3D printing industry have sent necessary medical supplies to the epidemic frontline. Thousands of 3D printed protective goggles and 3D printed face masks were sent to medics working at the epidemic frontline, which greatly mitigated the predicament of medical supplies shortage. Hundreds of 3D printed wards were sent to Xianning Hubei, providing more space to accommodate patients. Real-size 3D printed human lung model infected by coronavirus was produced to help medics conduct further clinical analysis and proper treatment. 3D printed handheld infrared thermometers have also become one of the most important instruments during the virus prevention.

Thanks to the strong measures taken by the government and the essential support unleashed by high tech industry, China has done a great job to prevent the further uncontrolled development of the epidemic. As the number of newly diagnosed and suspected cases declines and the number of cured patients increases rapidly, China has begun to resume work in an orderly manner while ensuring all response measures are carried out.

With strong support by the government, additive manufacturing is bound to be a powerful driven force not only in great times but also in hard times. Bearing the spirit of 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality is always keeping an eye on coronavirus update and contributing to making efforts in a tough battle against common enemy---- the virus.