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Company News| United to Fight Against COVID-19, Creality's Sending N95 Face Masks to Customers

The COVID-19 is getting under control in China, but the epidemic continues to spread worldwide. Up until March 19th, 43 countries have declared a state of emergency. Facing such a serious situation, the WHO has called for active anti-epidemic. 

Creality3D immediately taking actions to help people prevent from virus, As the number of confirmed cases abroad rises sharply and the severe shortage of global epidemic prevention materials, after the creation of three-dimensional consultations, Creality spared no effort in coordinating related materials to prepare 50,000 KN95 free masks with a total price of about 500,000 RMB., Spain, Germany, France, Iran, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and other epidemic areas) new crown epidemic protection.

A united city can shake the mountain, and a concerted effort will overcome it. Imagination 3D hopes to do its utmost to help the 3D printing industry affected by the epidemic to return to normal operation and survive the crisis; I hope foreign tech geeks will protect themselves and have more time and energy to play with 3D printing ideas; I also hope that the fans of Creality 3D will feel our love and actively take protective measures to overcome the difficulties.
On March 17, the first batch of mask materials posted by Shanghai Lun Kaile “Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much” has been sent. Prevention and control of epidemics abroad. Our overseas team will also actively contact the donation and transfer the materials to the people in need as soon as possible.
In addition to donating masks to foreign epidemics, Creality 3D has always used its own strength to do its utmost for epidemic prevention and control.
● Based on China's current situation, serious treatment and strict prevention and control can completely control the spread of the epidemic. To this end, we collate and share China's authoritative epidemic-related knowledge (including articles, pictures, videos) with foreign friends. This measure has received a lot of praise. Foreign friends are actively making effective prevention and control based on successful experiences.
● In this epidemic that is racing against time, in order to alleviate the shortage of epidemic protection materials, Imagine 3D printed masks, mask buckles, goggles, and shared open source files to public platforms. Users worldwide can download and print for free.
● Creality 3D actively seeks 3D printing models that are helpful to fight against the "epidemic". such as 3d printed buckles, 3d glasses, 3d mask, After being evaluated by professional organizations, the company will purchase copyrights and share 3D printed files to global 3D printing users, so that everyone can participate in the "epidemic" battle.  
At the beginning of the domestic epidemic, Creality3D donated 300,000 RMB to Wuhan for epidemic prevention as soon as possible. The brother unit Zhongchuang 3D raised 112,200 RMB to the Hubei. In addition, Imagine 3D printed technology to empower epidemic prevention by designing 3D printed mask buckles to relieve ear pain caused by wearing masks for a long time.
Since the establishment of the mask buckle project team, Zhang Yisheng has created a new "creation speed" as a "commander". As of March 20, Creality3D has delivered more than 35,000 mask buckles for free, including the Third Hospital of Wuhan, Zhongshan Hospital of Hubei Province, Shenzhen Longhua Dalang of Trade Unions and other hospitals and organizations.

After receiving the mask buckle from Hubei University for Nationalities, the hospital was very grateful for our care and expressed our love for our mask buckle. I hope we can give some more.
In the afternoon of March 17, our tenth batch of epidemic prevention materials were sent from Shenzhen. 1600 mask buckles were packed in boxes and sent to Wuhan Donghu Hospital and Hubei Minzu University Affiliated People's University. A. The frontline medical staff went retrograde to bring warmth and relieve the pain caused by wearing a mask for a long time.