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LCD 3d printer

DP-002 3D Printer

Item No.: 201804090302
Creality DP-002 3D Printer | 128*80*170mm | assembled DLP dental 3d printer, technology, high precision printing,  easy to operate, aluminum alloy molding trough, and rapid molding room,
Description Specification
Using technology DLP
Layer thickness 0.005-0.1mm
XY resolution 0.1mm
Printing speed 2-8s/layer
N.W. 25kg
Forming size 128*80*170mm
Facility size 380*320*700mm
File format STLSTL
Generating method Manual or automatic
Curing room UV power 12W
Operating system Windows XP+system
 Filament Ordinary photosensitive resin, dental professional phtotsensitive resin, jewelry lost wax casting molding material
Power 180W
Printing method Offline printing, USB storage file format
 Working temperature 20-38
Working power 100-24V; 50-60HZ
Slice software Special DLP silcing software,(Chinese and English version)