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CREALITY 3D Printed Drone Assembly Kit

CREALITY 3D printed drone  Assembly Kit, rich functions and easy operation. Stream real time HD aerial views with Wi-Fi, 1080P full HD photo and videos. Explore more potential in STEAM education.

by Michael Pfennings
Apr 02,2020
When will this be available to buy
by Isaac Tarrell Clark
Feb 01,2020
I will to buy a kit
Please let me know how to proceed.
by Richard Gallerno
Jan 31,2020
Drone inquiry
Good day. I'm a teacher at an international school in China and I'm interested in getting more information about Creality's 3D printed drone product. I think that this might be a good project to do with my students. If I want to do this as a school project, cost will be important because I need to make a proposal to the school board before any expenses will be approved. Would there be a discount if I buy several drone kits?