What Is 3D Printing?

What Is 3D Printing?

3D printing exists in daily life.


Many people may think that 3D printing is far from our daily lives because they just hear or see 3D models from the Internet or news. However, this is far from the truth. 3D printing technology can exist in our daily lives.


Have you ever been troubled about what kind of toys can buy for your children? Even there are many kinds toy on the market, but you might like to buy a unique toy for you children.


3D printing can help you realize your dreams. By using 3D printing, you can design toys according to your own style. In addition, your children can participate in the design progress to make various toys.


There are few examples of using 3D printers at home, and many functions are still used in daily life. With the continuous development of new technologies, there will be more and more applications.


What is 3D printing?


3D printing (3DP), also known as additive manufacturing, is a technology that uses a digital model file as a basis for constructing objects by printing layer by layer using an adhesive material such as powdered metal or plastic.


3D printing is usually achieved using digital technology material printers.


It is often used to make models in areas such as tool making and industrial design, and then gradually for the direct manufacture of some products, and parts have been printed using this technology.


The 3d printing technology is used in jewelers, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, firearms, and other areas.


3D printing is creative progress, it is an imaginative process and it is also a key to the future.


The history of 3D printing:


You may be wonder who create the first 3D printing. Let’s take the time machine to unveil the mystery of 3D printing.


“The history of 3D printing begins in 1981 with Dr. Hideo Kodama's patent application for a rapid prototyping device. As far as we're aware, Dr. Kodama is the first person ever to apply for a patent in which laser beam resin curing system is described” from All3dp.


The first 3d printers could only print with a few varieties of plastic, however, nowadays hundreds of plastics, metals, resins, and composites are available.


After learning all about the origins and history of 3D printing, how does the 3D printer work?


In most cases, the 3D printer material of FDM is thermoplastic material, like ABS, Wax, Nylon, etc.


The material is heated to melt within the nozzle. then the nozzle moves alongside the outline section and filling within the track of parts, within the meantime, extruding the melted materials, the fabric will solidify soon, and condensing with the encompassing material.


Firstly:To create a 3D CAD model because the CAD model data is that the virtual description of the important information of the forming part, the software should be wont to build the 3D CAD model before the 3d printer works.


Secondly:The 3D CAD model should be treated by appropriate treatment because the model surface has many uneven places. For the later processing, hence, it's necessary to treat by appropriate treatment.


Third: The slice handle of the 3D CAD model, extraction of every layer of section information, generate data files then imported into the rapid prototyping machine.


Fourth:  The knowledge gathered from each section of the rapid prototyping machine is layered on top of every other to make a 3D printer molding model.


What is the best 3D printer in 2021 for customers?


The Ender-3 3D printer might be the best in 2021.


Firstly, if you are trying to know how to operate a 3D printer as an amateur in the 3D industry, you might not want to be stuck in the installing processing. so, a detailed installation handbook guide has been provided to help with the installment. Then the Creality Ender-3 3D printer will be assembled within an hour.


Secondly, Powerful and secure power supply:


Ender-3 3D printers are equipped with high-quality power supplies with two separate fuses to protect from unexpected surges.


To be honest, the most attractive point is that you cannot find out any other 3D printers with the same functions as Creality Ender 3D printer yet under 200$. 


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