How much does a 3d printer cost?-Creality 3d printer pricing

How much does a 3d printer cost?-Creality 3d printer pricing

How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost?-Creality 3D Printer Pricing

One of the typical concerns for people new to 3d printing, ”how much does a 3d printer cost “, This should be an easier question to answer, but because of a wide variety in the types of 3D printers, their dimension, features, quality, durability, and efficiency all aspect right into a 3D printer price. Which makes it difficult to get the answer.

Below is our quick overview of 3d printer price, better to guide you what does a 3d printer price, and which features it should with for precise results.

Beginners 3D Printer Cost($200-$400)

Before beginners know about 3d printing technology, they might need a 3d printer to be with them and assist them to learn how to bed leveling, set the parameters, and design the models themself before they get the fine result. 

We don’t suggest the beginners get an expensive one for the first beginning. 

Find a 3d printer about $200-$400 would be enough for the beginner, though theses printer might only be printed with one kind of filament like PLA and the printing size might be smaller. It is totally enough for you to print some tiny models.

Highly Recommended Creality Entry-Level 3D Printer:

# FDM 3d printer :
If you were the first time to try FDM 3d printer, 
Creality Ender-3 3D Printer can be said is the cheapest 3d printer and the YouTuber's favorite 3d printer. 

Though the printing size only 220*220*300mm, it’s expense lower than other brands but with high precision, mostly, now it is an open-source for everyone.

#LCD 3d printer :
Most resin 3d printers in the market are price cost of more than $500, it can be used on dental models, jewelry, and art design, especially some models with exquisite details, you might like to try the digital light processing. 

Creality just released a resin 3d printer LD-002R with the cost less than $300, most of the user feedback are satisfied with it, here are the comments come from our users. You definitely need to try this little machine.

Large Format 3D Printers Cost ($500-$900)

Printers at this kind usually come with bigger printing size, which usually has 1-2 fatal flaws that undermine their value. The large bed Instead, causes rapid heat dissipation, the quality of large models is relatively poor. 

But the printing speed relatively will be faster. 

Most of this 3d printer might not be able to run for a long time. You must perform extensive repairs/maintenance to get them up and running. 

These printers are perfect for anyone who likes 3D printing, perhaps for elementary school use. However, these printers are simply not suitable for commercial use or educational environments where you need them to print reliably at a specified time.

Highly Recommend Creality Large 3d printer:

CR-10S4/CR-10S5 high recommends 3d printer with a large printing size, the functions of them are mostly the same as the CR-10S 3d printer for people is required for a bigger size and different colors. Unlike other large format 3d printer, it is with dual z-axis design to ensure stable printing.

Performance 3D Printer Cost( ($1000-$1400)

The performance category is expected to deliver the most value in today's 3D printing and is expected to significantly disrupt sales of printers in the industrial sector. 

This kind of 3d printer can only be used to print high-quality parts with lager volume. 

And sometimes it can print with a variety of materials, mainly mental material. But the 3d printer manufacturers basically should provide their slicer software "profiles" optimized for each material. 

Mostly these types of 3d printer are used for education as well as a wide range of businesses, like some small enterprises invest for sample making.

Highly Recommend Creality Enclosed 3d printer:

Creality just releases the 3d printer CR-5 PRO, looks almost the same as the Ultimaker 3d printer of its outstanding metal contracture of printing size: 300*225*380mm really catches people’s eyes. 

Its enclosure also allows printing with multiple materials. I think you might be curious about how much it cost. it’s price much lower than the Ultimaker 3d printer.

Industry 3D Printer Cost ( $3000-$4000)

Some industry 3d printer is with different 
3d printing sizes as well as different prices. 

These printers can print at high speed and quality, but you have to pay a high price for this privilege. which are truly "industrial" products with a very smooth interface, durable construction, and a metallic look. 

Some industry manufacturers charge exorbitant prices due to its smooth interface, durable and metal structure, and charge also for annual maintenance. Some special material at a higher price which makes it’s not available for most of the 3d printing parts market. 

Moreover, the choice of materials in this space is surprisingly limited and expensive. Although these printers are durable and reliable, their price makes them suitable only for large businesses that can afford large prices.

Highly Recommended Creality Industry 3d printer:

Because of the cost, Creality right now focuses on producing some industry 3d printer at a much acceptable price for most of the companies. Mostly the price is at about $2000-$3000. but with the same precision. Like our CR-3040, CR-4040, CR-5060.

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