Free KN 95 Masks Giveaway, No charge for Creality users | Creality 3D

Free KN 95 Masks Giveaway, No charge for Creality users | Creality 3D

Dear Creality Friends,

I hope everyone is safe Now! In order to express our gratitude for users who always support Creality, meanwhile express our caring for users, especially show the determination to fight the Coronovirus together, we have collected 50,000 pieces KN95 face mask online to freely distribute. Since the severity of the COVID-19 epidemic of each country is different, we will first release the free masks for people in need depending on the situation, you can fill and submit the application below first, all of us want to stick together to fight the virus, please remember that Creality 3d will always be with you and everything will recover very soon!

Application Period: March 21st
Available Quantity: 50,000 pieces (10,000 packs, 5 pcs/pack for one people)

1. No charge! !!Masks and delivery fee all on Creality. Ask for application First!
2. Everyone can only submit the application once, there' s still be another chance to receive the mask if you didn't get it this time.
3. Delivery defaulted by China EMS: Delivery may be a little delay during these days, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!
4. Due to the large demand for masks now, we kindly recommend that all friends apply for it as reasonably required.
5. Shenzhen Creality3D Technology Co., Ltd reserves the rights to the final explanation of the event.

Click the form here to finish your information (pls remember to add your name, phone number, city, province, and country correctly)so that we can deliver the masks to your right address as soon as possible, if the address you filled is not correct, we might not be able to send you the masks. thanks for your understanding in advance.

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