Lamborghini Shocked the Father-son Team with a Real Aventador on Christmas | Creality 3D

Lamborghini Shocked the Father-son Team with a Real Aventador on Christmas | Creality 3D

Life is always full of wonders and surprises.

It must be the most epic Christmas surprise that ever happed to 12-year-old Xander Backus, who has spent almost 2 years on 3D printing a life-size Lamborghini Aventador. Before Christmas, Lamborghini sent a team from Italy to the home of Backus and gave them the real thing. The family was also offered a spot in the car company's new vacation ad, and most importantly, they had to keep the car as a lender for two weeks. So in addition to being able to drive this $ 460,000 car every day for two weeks, the family will see themselves in commercials and online stories in the years to come.

Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lamborghini Motors, said: "Lamborghini is opposed to any attempt to counterfeit. However, it is worth mentioning this true and passionate true story, which is why we chose to tell in our Christmas 2019 video Sterling and Xander's project. "

The Aventador that Sterling and his son are working on is not the complete replica. To avoid any allegations of copyright infringement or intellectual property theft, Backus made some own design changes to each body pane. More specifically, The chassis underneath the body panel is made of steel, unlike the real Aventador's V-12 engine, which is powered by a Chevrolet V-8. Due to its high dimensional stability, he used PLA for body panels. Meanwhile, ASA, ABS, and PETG are used for headlights and taillights. For interior parts that require high strength, Backus uses carbon fiber nylon. From the appearance point of view, it almost reaches the effect of 1: 1 simulation.

The project takes an hour a day with serval 3D printers including Creality CR-10S and CR-10 S5, which are both Cartesian style 3D printers with a Bowden extruder system. The CR-10S is a large printing volume 3D printer of 300X300X400mm, and the CR-10 S5 is even larger like a gigantic of 500X500x500mm. Both CR-10S and CR-10 S5 are mostly assembled out of the box, the easy assembly of which shall only take 20-45 minutes to finish.

The CR-10S and CR-10 S5 are self-evidence of their printing performance. They are both capable of producing exacting final prints out of different materials such as PLA, ABS, and etc. How much amazement shall Creality CR-10 series bring to the table? It is supposed to be you who unveil the true answer!

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