Ender-3 VS CR-6 SE: What are the Differences?

Ender-3 VS CR-6 SE: What are the Differences?
CR-6 SE 3D Printer /
Ender-3 Series 3D Printer

Ender-3 VS CR-6 SE: What are the Differences?

Both Ender-3 and CR-6 SE are pre-assembled DIY 3D printer kits, while CR-6 SE takes less time to finish the assembly within 5 mins, and the Ender-3 takes about 15 mins.

In terms of print size, CR-6 SE is having a larger printing volume. The print size of Ender-3 is 220x220x250mm, the print size of CR-6 SE is 235x235x250mm.

In terms of motion stability, Ender-3 is having Single Z-axis, while the CR-6 SE is having dual Z-axes with the timing belt, which means that the CR-6 SE will have higher motion stability and balance during printing.

When it comes to the power supply, both printers can switch between 115V and 230V at one step to suit different customer demands. CR-6 SE is utilizing a branded power supply, whereas the Ender-3 is not.

The two printers have different print platforms, with BuildTak-like heated build plate on Ender-3 and Carborundum glass platform on CR-6 SE.

Compared to Ender-3, CR-6 is better designed. On Ender-3, there is an LCD screen with a rotary knob, and CR-6 SE is having a 4.3in color touch screen, which means that there will better user navigation experience on CR-6 SE.

As the latest version product, CR-6 SE really achieves silent printing owing to its silent Trinamic controller with ATmega-2560 chipset, and silent cooling fans. However, the Ender-3 is utilizing a standard motherboard. In a word, CR-6 SE will do better in motion control, voltage control, and silent printing.

Speaking of user experience, CR-6 SE is upgraded with more practical mods. The Portable carry handle enables users to carry the machine everywhere. The belt tensioner will quite helpful to adjust belt strength to ensure stable motion. The built-in toolbox with tools brings all the necessary tools within users’ reach. The foldable filament holder helps to save your space if needed. The stepper motor cover helps to protect the stepper motors from dust and prolong their service life. The silicone hotbed cable protector guarantees electric safety. The hotbed fixators allow removing the print platform in an easier way.

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