Creality LD-002H: Gratitude Feedback Activity

Creality LD-002H: Gratitude Feedback Activity

Creality LD-002H: Gratitude Feedback Activity


As everyone knows, the FDM 3D printer of the Creality company is popular in the field of 3D printer industry, such as the Ender-3 3D printer, the Ender-3 Pro 3D printer was the best-selling product that made in China at that moment.


In the crowd-funding platform, the CR-6 SE 3D printer had 10401 backers and crowd-funding reached 4.3 million dollars.



In the meantime, the Creality users are increasingly demanding for Creality to put the photocurable series printer into the original industry chain.


To meet customer demand, the technical R&D team keeps innovating research for two years. The first photocurable 3D printer (LD-002R series) was launched in the year of 2019.


Once the 3D printer came out, it got many good reviews.


1, The reviews from AliExpress.



2, The reviews from Amazon.



In 2020 year, the Creality company was pushed out the LD-002H 3D printer by upgrading the basis of the LD-002R 3D printer.


What kind of functions does the LD-002H 3D printer have?  Let's dive in.


1.Fast print speeding: the Creality LD-002H 3D printer's innovation is powered by an LCD Monochrome display screen, the transparency is enhanced and the curing time of the model is 1-4S/layer, compared with the similar resin 3D printer, the print speed is increased by 10%.


2.Fast to leveling: reducing the printing platform to 2k screen, set aside a distance of paper, locking rotary knob to finish the leveling.


3.High resolution: the Creality LD-002H have 1620 * 2560 high resolution and high precision, displaying the 3D printer model detail from point to surface, the precision reaches 51μm.


4.Air filtration: the air filtration has activated carbon that can effectively reduce the smell from resin and more environmentally friendly.


5.Z-axis linear guideway: achieving high precision accuracy has to keep stability. Z-axis linear guideway can make sure high precision processing. a stable mechanical structure can offer you high precision results.


6.3.5-inch full-color touch screen: an easy UI design can real-time monitoring the printing information, it is easy to operate and more human friendly.


Since the photocurable series 3D printer came out, brings a lot of convenience to various industries. Now it is mainly used in the industry of manufacture, medicine, jewelry, and education.


The manufacture is mainly applied to the printing industrial model (iPhone case model), building model (St. Basil's Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, etc.), and handmade model (Pikachu).


It is mainly used in bioprinting in medicine such as printing tooth mold. Tooth crown, implant guide plate, etc.


It is mainly used in jewelry for Die stamping, wax loss manufacturing (ring, etc.), etc.


It is mainly used in education for training the teachers and students, An auxiliary tool in the explanation of physics (biological structure model, etc.).


After all, are mentioned about the LD-002H 3D printer, you might be interest in our Creality 3D printer, why not, welcome to our official website to check our Creality gratitude Feedback Activity and more other interesting information.


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