How Would 3D Printing Translate into Education Engine?

How Would 3D Printing Translate into Education Engine?

There is a saying from a famous British teacher: If you can capture the imagination of students, you capture their attention.


Those days when we were listening to the maths from a book, seeing the world from a teacher’s mouth, rebuilding the history from a piece of art, or picturing our sci-fi world with our imagination, we were doubtlessly longing for a method that would transform these visual images and creativities into reality, so far but so beautiful.


Creality 3d


5 major benefits of 3D printing’s impact on education need to mentioned here. 


1. Create excitement: 3D printing offers students the ability to experience their projects from the model stage to the actual creation of the model, which creates both excitement and a better understanding of the design process as they gain hands-on experience from imagination to reality.  


2. Add a supplement to normal class: A 3D printing model can help a teacher to better explain the textual content of the class, a physical model will be the best demonstration of what is complex or abstract.


3. Help to bring up students’ confidence: A 3D printer is usually pre-assembled and such alluring to manipulate with the hands, when the first printing is failed, it is attractive enough to encourage the students to try again, which invisibly elevates the students’ confidence and courage. And a teacher will be happier to see more confident students.


4.A affordable assist for learning: Unlike other costly training, workshop, or other cutting-edge technology product, a 3D printer is more affordable and accessible for students to utilize and improve comprehension of classes and daily life.


5.    Promote trouble-shooting skills: 3D printing is a combination of design, practice, and repeating trying. But solving the problems encountered in printing will help to build their practice persistence and trouble-shooting endurance, which can be translated into the usual study and daily life.


As it is obviously contributive to education, 3D printing has been increasingly valued by industrial participants and educational agents.


Since October 2019, Creality has established the 1000-university mission to deliver these 3D printing benefits to college students. 


So far we have already cooperated with 152 colleges and universities and established the Creality associations in these colleges, which have respectively received two printers from us for free and enjoyed the knowledge sharing of 3D printing as well as took part in some 3D printing contests. 


Creality 3D


In October of last year, in the “Association Selection Campaign”, the Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College won the first prize.


Creality 3d


A UAV developed by their students was welled-designed and fully presented fabulous ingenuity. Leave aside the innovative design,in the process of assembling the plane model, the students jointly shared their efforts and fully exerted a combination of coordination and creative ideas which was rarely experienced in the normal classes.


However, the most remarkable moment, was when they finished assembly, powered on that little turtle plane, and flown it up and down in the schoolyard. 


That was real work, achieved by their own hands, those ever unacquainted but finally ingenious hands.  


Turns out, creativity is a bird, what the students need is a pair of wings, and 3D printing is that pair of wings, set free their creative mind, let go of their possible sparkles and present their invisible ideas with a visual model, a model that is literally completed by themselves.

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