How are Creality 3D Printers Making a Difference in COVID-19 Battle?

How are Creality 3D Printers Making a Difference in COVID-19 Battle?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in other countries outside China, Creality and its community members are making great efforts in trying to help battle against the pandemic via 3D printing.

Here in this article, we shall list some ordinary heroes and responsible enterprises devoting themselves to fight in the “war” without smoke.

David Sims
On March 26th, UK media including BBC News, ITV Wales News, and Daily Mirror reported “Welsh engineer produces face shield to protect NHS (National Health Service) staff on the coronavirus frontline using 3D printer”, clearly proving how Creality Ender-3 is helping local NHS ride out COVID-19 in Wales, UK.

David and his volunteer team are working on making 3D printed face shields on Creality Ender-3. With a daily production capacity of 10 pieces per day on each 3D printer, the team has donated over 1,000 pieces of 3D printed face shields to the local NHS.

Claudio Donndelinger
Claudio, from Tennessee, US, is occupied himself in making 3D printed face shields to help protect epidemic frontline medical workers from the virus. Last week from Friday to Sunday, 500+ face shields were 3D printed by Creality CR-10 3D printer and assembled by members of the mid-south makers (& several new honorary members). This batch is headed to @MemphisDocs for local distribution.

Jelani Pettiford
Jelani shared on his social media account: “3D printed face shield bracket: I don't have any transparency film or elastic for a head strap, but this is the concept. I made some slight modifications to an existing design to save time. Hoping to make a delivery to Adena(a local hospital in Frankfort, Ohio) next week. Huge thanks to Creality3D for helping me to make this possible!!”

More Donut than Man
More Donut than Man, from Washington, DC, is a creative writer who is quite interested in DIY and engineering. During his quarantine at home, he is trying to do by all means making masks for doctors and nurses. He said on twitter “This is the Montana Mask from Make the Masks. The slide buckles are from the giveaway. The paper towel testing filter is from my kitchen.”

KG Creations
KG Creations is a website owned by Karen Gill who is really a crafting enthusiast. Karen’s business involves Hand-made soy wax melts, candles, personalized scroll saw art, T-shirts, paper cut & pyro art. As she is quite talented in mastering new skills, Karen also unleashes her power in self-making 3D printed face shields for the local NHS.

In her twitter post reads that “Helping out the NHS by using our Creality Ender3 3D printer to print the face mask surrounds. If you have a printer get involved now at Every little bit of help, even one-man bands like us!”


At the 3D printer hub today. Lots and lots of Creality3dprint printers!

China Belgium Technology Center - United Investment Europe

Creality 3D Technology Europe, a residential company within CBTC (China Belgium Technology Center), donated not only 50,000 protective masks to its overseas partners, but also its 3D printing machines and printing materials to international makers communities in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Its printer equipment, such as Ender-3 and CR-10 Max, is widely used by global makers’ communities from the UK, Spain, Italy, and Norway to create protective face shields to donate to frontline health workers with the purpose of alleviating the shortage of epidemic prevention supplies. 

These printed face-shields not only have high production efficiency but also are reusable after cleaning. In response to this great initiative, Creality 3D donated dozens of printing equipment and printing supplies to relevant individuals and organizations. In addition, Creality 3D has shared its open-source 3D modeling software via its website.

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