Creality CR-6 SE: A Huge Review Craze on YouTube

Creality CR-6 SE: A Huge Review Craze on YouTube

Creality CR-6 SE: A Huge Review Craze on YouTube

On May 6th, Creality made its first crowdfunding project debut on Kickstarter with its latest 3D printer CR-6 SE featuring an innovative leveling-free tech, to provide users the most hassle-free 3D printing user experience. The CR-6 SE is becoming a new beast catching great attention on Kickstarter with nearly 2,700% pledge funded by over 7,000 backers, but also creating a huge craze on YouTube.

What are YouTubers Talking About CR-6 SE?

Naomi "SexyCyborg" Wu: In terms of assembly time, usability, and print quality, the CR-6 SE is a clear winner over my previous favorite, the Ender-3. It is an unexceptionally good value and has many of the upgrades that are most common Creality printers already integrated. The CR-6 SE has substantially better print quality out of the box than any other Creality printer I have used, or any printer I know of for its price and build area. If you can get it for under $300 to $350, it is a great value. The CR-6 SE replaces the Ender-3 as my pick for the best 3D printer for a beginner to buy.

3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling: CR-6 SE from Creality, a long-awaited that they’ve made. It’s just really exciting and there’s a lot of cool stuff that I am going to cover in my video right now. According to my excitement, CR-6 SE is a force to be reckoned with. I think it is valuable for the 3D printing community today. I think Creality is going to have itself a winner with this CR-6 SE.

Nerys Chris: This printer has so many functional and cosmetic improvements. The fsr (for auto bed leveling) you are using if it proves reliable could be a game-changer for affordable printers I have had the bed level drift a little bit but fixing it was as simple as rerunning the leveling routine again and it was perfect again. The touchscreen UI is fantastic as well as the size of the screen that's just big enough to be really nice. I love the cosmetic improvements to the machine such as the custom extrusions but have the very nice clean smooth front-facing surfaces I really like that it adds a professionally finished quality to the look of the machine. Access the video for more info:

CHEP Filament Friday:The first thing I noticed is that the aluminum extrusion is smooth on the front and the back. The sides still have a groove for the wheels, and it looks really nice. The back of it, dual lead screws and dual stepper motors, and it also has the timing belt in between. Looking at the accuracy of the printer, we have nothing to complain about. The small Benchy is neatly printed and the XYZ calibration cube has dimensions that hardly deviate. We have not noticed any under extrusion, while that is easier with Bowden extruders than with direct-drive extruders. Many Ender-3 printers, for example, suffer from it. This makes the CR-6 SE an excellent candidate for people who just want to print and don't want to worry about all kinds of side issues. You can say that printers like the Ender-3 are for the hobby, to be tweaked and that the CR-6 SE is going to be utilitarian and just work.

Teaching Tech: Creality has used Kickstarter to launch their latest and greatest 3D printer, the CR-6 SE. In this video, I unbox, assemble, and test print, and attempt to answer all of the community questions received. So far the printer is off to a great start. It is very polished and had a much better few days than my Prusa Mini. Is feels like a high-quality Ender 3 that is a lot easier to use. Not that an Ender 3 is particularly difficult, but this avoids many of the problems a new 3D printing novice will get stuck on.

Now, the CR-6 SE project on Kickstarter is hitting a total pledge of $3,000,000, which means it is going to unlock the 2nd stretch goal soon. We are quite curious about how much pledge the project is going to hit!

Special price per piece:
Early Bird Price at $319
Kickstarter Special Price at $339
Special Pack Price for Multi-pieces:
2 Pieces for $628
3 Pieces for $942
5 pieces for $1545
10 pieces for $3090
20 pieces for $6180
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