8 Amazing 3D Printing Ideas to Entertain Your Pets

8 Amazing 3D Printing Ideas to Entertain Your Pets

With 3D print cat toys, there is so much fun to explore with 3D printing and… your pets!

1. 3D Print Pets Accessories & Costume
We, as humans, have the urge to dress in date, smart or classic, and some love wearing statement jewelry. So, when we have a pet, we'll also want to dress them like dressing our wearing style. Yet, not every pet will fall for costume plays with pet owners. They just don't buy it.

Dogs are more likely to accept wearing toy clothes than cats do. Dogs like Poodles, Bichon Fries, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, and Golden Retriever all have their own beauty standards. They can tell the mirror image from themselves, and they like accessories and costumes that pet owners dress. Especially for poodles, if the owner has made a good look for them, they would be very satisfied and so happy.

Cat toys with Bat Wings

Cat toys with a butterfly wing

Many cats cannot accept small clothes or accessories out of their predator instincts. They want to keep their minds and limes agile. Extra clothes for some cats hinder them from caught on escaping mess-up scenes.

Cat toys with a hat

Ragdoll, ExoticShorthair, Persian Cat, and British Shorthairrelatively like to be at the cat owner’s disposal. The first three kinds of a cat are breed cats. Thus, they enjoy intimate with men. For British Shorthair? They are just too lazy to get rid of them…

If your cat cannot accept these gifts, please don't blame him or her.

2. 3D Print Pets ID Tags and Collars
Pet tag 1
Pet tag 2
Pet tag 3
Pet tag 4

Chances are that dogs wear tags and collars more common than cats do. It's easy to find the dog when they are lost. Cats don't like tags and collars. They pull and drag collars hard the second they wore a collar and a tag. But you can lure them to wear it.
But when you choose a collar for your pets, you have to mind the sizes of the collar and the age of your pets.
Pets'age to achieve an adult pet is different according to their kinds. Note not choke them by collars. Meanwhile, not all collars are good to use. Pick one that doesn't rub your pets' neck. And you shouldn't use a bell. It's too noisy for cats and dogs. A 3D printed lightweight tag that carries an address will just do the pets well.

3. 3D Print Cat Toys--Small Balls
Cats are experts at preying. Even if they've engaged as part of a human's family, they can fool the fish and mice a lot. This 3D printed cat toy ball is perfect to uncover the cat's preying interests. They just kept pushing these balls and these sounds will raise more questions in their minds. They can play it for a long long time! Here you can get the STL files.

4. 3D Print Food-dispenser Pet/Cat Toys
What can be more fun to see a cat push and chase a dispenser around to get full?
This is something dreamy for your cat. Especially for some lazy breed who don’t like to move. It’s a great way to get them on a diet while adding them a little fun and a little exercise. Click here to get it 3D printed.

5. 3D Print Cactus Cover
When a plant's fan gets a cat at home, it's a big headache for plants lover. Cats bite everything they can reach in the family, which includes the plants! It's not only harmful to the plant but also harms your cats' tummy.
The cactus cover can be a great option to protect both cats and the cactus! Giving the plant such a lovely case and it plays a safeguard role and also a decoration to the balcony.
Killing two birds with one stone! Great! Check here for a similar cactus cover(yet paid).

6. A 3D Print Litter Scoop
For a pet owner, what can be more useful than a dozen 3D printed scoop? What can be more pleasant than using a scoop to clean the cats' litter box?

7. 3D Print Cat Toys Drinking Pond

All cats love to drink fresh fluid water. Here is a great 3D printed gadget. Check here.

8. A 3D Print Cat Feeder
Many people love cats. Some can treat cats as their families. Yet to feed a cat is not easy. Cat owner has to put in extra efforts to feed and take good care of them.

How much time have you spent every day on average to feed your cat? To reduce the time that spends on feeding the cat, Piotr Westfalewicz, a designer and cat owner in Canada has come up with an idea to build a cat feeder for his cat. It took him a year and a half to design and build a 3D printed automatic cat feeder.

The cat feeder has various features:
• Giving food on a schedule
• The cat feeder’s lip is only opened at a preset time. The feeder will make some buzz to lure the cat to come and see
• The wood weight scale is able to scale the weight of the cat and calculate the right amount of food to be delivered
• The estimated time for the food to come before the cat
What a piece of genius work! Piotr Westfalewicz, the designer also wants to make the cat feeder to be open-sourced. So, here is his own blog that offers the feeder STL files. Check out this link to get the cat-feeder 3D-printed.

Hope you have a good time with your cats and dogs! 3D printing is fun~

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