75 Creality 3D Printers Work Together to make 6-meters Humanoid

75 Creality 3D Printers Work Together to make 6-meters Humanoid

On March 30th, the news reported by 3DPrint.com that Whiteclouds, an Ogden-based 3D Fabrication company in Utah, utilized 75 Creality 3D printers to make large-format 3D prints, releasing a 6-meter humanoid structure for their clients.

WhiteClouds, based in Ogden, Utah, is the world’s largest full-color 3D printing company. The team is composed of 3D designers, 3D print technicians, sculptors, designers, painters, and engineers, quite capable of bringing conceptual ideas into life. The company builds cool custom models for a variety of industries including architectural, trade show, and entertainment.

At present, the company has 40 industrial 3D printers from the likes of Stratasys and 3D Systems and 75 Creality 3D printers that print PLA. Jerry Ropelato, the CEO of WhiteClouds, said, “We use the standard software that comes with the printers along with some in-house proprietary software to better manage the systems. After long-time research and test, we found that Creality has the best 3D printer at low cost.” Jerry Ropelatothe, the CEO of White clouds.

People at Whiteclouds are attempting to bring video games into real life, meaning that everything appears in video games can be fabricated into real-life and real-size models. The category includes characters in sizes from small to extremely large, video game maps, landscapes, terrains, props, guns and weapons, equipment and whatever else the imagination conjures up.

As we know that large-format 3D prints require a long time and plenty of 3d printing materials, some manufacturers must have to find some solution to deal with this problem by deploying as many 3D printers as they can get. Under normal situations, models are created to be fully dense parts by stereolithography namely the SLA 3D printing process. Due to the superiority of 3D printing, modelers can get hollow-out models which shall be quite helpful for saving time, materials, and cost. However, there is still an issue concerning manufacturers---- the cost.

Early-on in our company, we spent millions purchasing high-end 3D production printers. What we learned is that customers are willing to pay high dollars for prototypes but very little else. With the high-costs associated with consumables, equipment costs, maintenance costs, machine longevity, environment setup requirements found in production 3D printers, they can be 100 to 1,000 times more costly when compared to low-end 3D Printers.

Compared to SLA, FDM can also provide quality final results of the prototype at relatively lower prices. “The quality and reliability have improved dramatically over the last few years in the low-end 3D printers and we are moving more and more to using these types of 3D printers. Cost is such a big issue in 3D printing that I do believe a lot of companies will look are more cost-effective solutions,” said Jerry Ropelatothe, the CEO of Whitecloud.

As far as we know, Whitecloud is utilizing the Creality CR-10 series as the main workhorse in their prototyping. Creality CR-10 is one of the most popular consumer 3D printers among global users in 3D printing communities. Due to its reliability and functionality, the CR-10 has been praised as the best 3D printer by 3DHUBS and All3DP, making it possible to create a craze in FDM 3D printing. It is always the best choice that will offer a lot of bang for the buck.

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