Tips for You the Level Your 3D Printer Bed Easily

Tips for You the Level Your 3D Printer Bed Easily

As we know, sometimes the 3d printer platform might not be flat when you received it, it might be the reasons below:


1. The platform is made of aluminum, there might be slight errors of the flatness due to the process and other reasons during the processing.


2. Since the platform is connected with the Bottom slider board by the spring, there might be a slight deformation of the platform due to the spring pulling while in transport.


When the problem mentioned above occurs, if the error value is within a certain range(Our current allowable error value: 0.2mm when the machine printing size is less than 200mm, 0.3mm when machine printing size is larger than 200mm), which will not affect the printing, we can check it with the feeler gauge, the specific method is as follows:


Note: if there’s no feeler gauge, try to use the A4 paper instead, 0.2mm: 3 pieces of A4 paper; 0.3mm: 4 pieces of A4 paper.


If there is an error but does not exceed 0.2mm or 0.3mm, the following solutions are as follows:


1. If there is a concave in the middle of the platform, move the nozzle to the four corners, use a piece of A4 paper to level the platform, make the nozzle closer to the platform until you need to pull hard to take the A4 paper out.

2. If it is convex in the middle of the platform, move the nozzle to the four corners, make the nozzle farther away from the platform, use a piece of A4 paper to level, if you still need to pull A4 paper out very hard, try to tighten the four leveling nuts until the A4 paper will not touch the nozzle.

3. Select the underlying grid on the platform adherence type of the slicing software, then there will be a base when you print the model, which helps the model better adherent to the platform, and will not affect the model.

4. If the printer comes with the platform glass, and there is the concave in the middle of the hotbed, which may result in the occurrence of a concave shape after the glass is added, try to place some paper in the middle of the hotbed to solve this problem.

If the gap is still too large when you finish your measurement, the surrounding pressure is very tight when printing, and the model is still not stuck to the middle of the platform, or the middle is very tight, and the model is not stuck to the surrounding of the platform, please contact with the manufacturer for replacement.


However, if it does not exceed the range, or does not affect the normal printing, please try the methods above to solve the problem first, thanks for your understanding.

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