3D Printing Industry Interview with Creality CEO Jack Chen: Future Plan after $4.3M Kickstarter Campaign on CR-6-SE

3D Printing Industry Interview with Creality CEO Jack Chen: Future Plan after $4.3M Kickstarter Campaign on CR-6-SE

3D Printing Industry Interview with Creality CEO Jack Chen: Future Plan after $4.3M Kickstarter Campaign on CR-6-SE

On August 10th, Creality CEO Jack Chen was online interviewed by 3D Printing Industry on the future plan after the $4.3M Kickstarter campaign.

The interview content covers why the company chooses Creality CR-6-SE 3D Printer as the first crowdfunding 3d printer, the special features of Creality CR-6-SE 3D Printer, the CR-6-SE campaign project overview, and the future plan in the 3D printing industry.

Why Kickstarter? Why Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer?
Creality selected to utilize Kickstarter to fund the CR-6-SE 3d printer owing to the platform's position as a global leader in launching community-led projects.

Creality complied with the development of various other 3D printing projects on Kickstarter and found that backers were always active in response to the campaign creator providing valuable feedbacks.

Later, in May 2020, Creality released its own campaign in an attempt to involve these creatives within the research and development of its very own systems.

"Kickstarter is a worldwide leader in the community and it has actually gathered a large amount of creative and smart people together," said Chen to 3D Printing Industry. "The 3D printing community has a lot to offer in regards to product feedback, and we really hope that our backers will continue to play an active role in the R&D of the CR-6-SE."

Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer is a long-term gain based on thorough market research and customer feedback. Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer is born in active 3D printing audiences, and will also gradually grow in 3D printing communities.

Creality aims to build a “long-term, deep, and healthy interaction” based on the bond created by Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer. We accepted that community input frequently includes challenges as well as tips, yet maintains it can iteratively apply customer comments right into the Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer.

What's Special About Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer?
Creality's user-friendly CR-6-SE 3d printer Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) system is aimed at newcomers and also hobbyists to the 3D printing world.

The Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer features a modular lightweight aluminum body, with secured dust-resistant coupling points, which can be taken apart and packed away for transport. The printer is ready to use out of the box and also can be assembled and made functional in simply 5 mins.

The system consists of a number of qualities that make it ideal for newbies. Bed leveling can frequently be trouble with consumer-grade makers, bring about nozzle clogging, poor adhesion, and also the normally low quality of prints. Creality's new 3D printer has an integrated "leveling-free device," which utilizes a strain gauge to constantly and automatically level the bed, so the individual does not have to do it manually.

"Our latest system offers a variety of features that have been developed with the newcomer in mind," said Chen. "Leveling the printer's bed properly can be an obstacle for newbies, yet with our ingenious True Leveling-Free Technology, users can constantly rely upon highly-accurate outcomes."

Improperly created printhead settings up can likewise cause nozzles to exude or obstruct during 3D printing. The Creality CR-6-SE battles this with a revamped modular printhead structure which enables users to change and also replace elements easily. Creality's device also motivates trial and error, and its heat sink, heat block, Teflon tubes, as well as hot-end are all deconstructable.

The Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer features a streamlined user interface with a 4.3 inch HD Color LCD Touch Screen, which enables users to conveniently and also intuitively operate the device. As an all-in-one DIY device, Creality's brand-new 3D printer allows the development of items varying from models to complex devices and also gadgets. Consequently, the system allows both experienced hobbyists and newcomers to produce final products with a high level of accuracy down to just 0.01 mm.

Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer Kickstarter Campaign Overview
“We’re very proud of the HK$ 33 million we have raised so far from the Kickstarter campaign, and I would like to thank all those that are taking part,” said Chen. “It’s remarkable how much support has been generated by the project in just one month, and the funding makes Creality the number one printing project on the Kickstarter platform for 2020.”

Building on its feedback-based development cycle, the Creality CR-6-SE 3d printer has already been the subject of multiple Youtube reviews. Most of the preferred Youtubers' networks have millions of clients, which could enhance the capacity of drawing in new adopters. Creality's new 3D printer has additionally undergone the Autodesk Kickstarter Test, which showcases the abilities of brand-new systems to backers on the system.

The system scored a remarkable 26.5 out of 30, including complete marks for stopping overhangs, bridging, and fine adverse features. Therefore, the function from the Kickstarter neighborhood has until now been incredibly positive for the CR-6 SE. Not only has actually the device been backed by more than 10,000 supporters, yet it's broken a number of the internet site's records too.

Creality's new CR-6-SE 3d printer is now this year's most best-funded and also prominent 3D printing project on Kickstarter, and also the second-highest printing-related campaign in the Kickstarter's history. Today, the business is sending off orders for an August 2020 delivery date.

"Creality is a brand name that consumers can trust in supply durable, affordable, and simple 3D printers," said Chen. "The CR-6 SE will certainly be the most up to date in a long line of successful Creality FDM 3D printer systems, as well as with responses from our devoted customer base, that knows what we can attain."

Creality Future Plan in the 3D Printing Industry
The 3D printing industry is expected to continue growing vigorously over the next several years. By 2021, the sale of additive manufacturing products and services is forecasted to reach $18 billion worldwide.

For Creality, the company will continue to increase investment in product research and development to produce innovative 3D printers with better printing performance.

Previously, Creality has also made differences in helping other industries and fields. Scientists at Canada’s Université Laval used an ENDER-4 system to 3D print a type of glass that was suitable for incorporation into lasers and infrared optics. Researchers from the University of Nantes meanwhile, leveraged a 
Creality CR-10 3D Printer to investigate the heat transfer and adhesion between layers in FFF 3D printing.

In the future, Creality will continue playing an important role in different groups of researchers, spreading the convenience of 3D printing technology. 

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