HALOT-ONE VS HALOT-SKY: What Are the Improvements in HALOT- SKY?

HALOT series products are specially designed for resin 3D printing and are commonly used in manufacturing industries due to their high precision.

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Creality, the HALOT series 3D printer was launched under much anticipation, which belongs to the resin series.

If you happened to miss Creality's seventh birthday party, then you probably didn't hear the news. Creality has a new line of resin 3D printers in the works, and HALOT-Sky was the first to be announced.

This is the second HALOT-Series printer to sneak into the Creality store shortly after, named HALOT-One.

Although HALOT-ONE and HALOT-SKY look similar in appearance, they are different in terms of parameters and functions, let's find out!


It is obvious to see that the price of HALOT-SKY is higher than the price of HALOT-ONE, but every coin has two sides, A high-priced 3D printer is often accompanied by some new features or some improvements from the original. The price is about four times higher, so let us see what is improvement in the HALOT-SKY 3D printer.

Larger Machine Size:

The Creality HALOT-SKY has a machine size of 340*292*552mm, which is bigger than the 221*221*404mm of HALOT-ONE.

You might not be able to image the size of these parameters. Halot-One can print smaller objects like toys, decorations, cell phone stands, etc. Whereas the Halot-Sky can print bigger objects like architectural models, storage boxes, tools, etc.

3D printers can print toys for your children. Not only can save money, but it also helps develop the logical thinking skills of your children and build up parent-child relationships.

Higher Resolution:

HALOT-SKY has 3840*2400 resolutions that are better than the 1620*2560 resolutions of HALOT-ONE 3D printer. This means that HALOT-SKY can print more detailed and beautiful items.

The HALOT-SKY is suitable for an industry like medicine or construction, the higher the precision, the more detail can be shown to people watching, thus working to improve efficiency.

Our R&D team has been working day and night to come up with better resolution 3d printers to meet customer’s growing demand in quality, appearance, and precision in order to release their creativity infinitely


We are all in a fast pace of life, and if we are held back by things that we can control at the outset, so we need a high-quality and stable 3D printer in our daily life.

HALOT-SKY was equipped with brand new chip for upgrade AI algorithm and high-performance mainboard, and super data processing performance to support surging power operation, greatly improving the printing efficiency.

If we compare the processor differences between the HALOT-ONE and HALOT-SKY 3D printer, it is easy to see that HALOT-SKY's processor is more powerful, which helps to greatly improve the stability of the light source and the success rate of printing.

In order to improve the stability and precision of HALOT-SKY:

1. A new generation of light source technology, adopt reflection integral structure to realize precise optical layout.

2. Reinforced Z-axis structure, embraces both stability and fineness for more stable operation.

Easy operation:

Here is more simple and easier slicing for the novice.

Simplified user interface
Easy modeling
''ONE-CLICK'' firmware upgrades

HALOT-ONE VS HALOT-SKY: What Are the Improvements in HALOT- SKY?

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