Creality CR-Laser Falcon: Easier to Engrave and Cut A Masterpiece

Creality, a pioneer in 3d printing, will officially introduce its laser engraver and cutter, CR-Laser Falcon, in the " Make it Neo-Creality Summer Upgrade" ceremony on August 5th, 10:00 AM (EDT). The CR-Laser Falcon with 10W module proven 3D core techs of Creality Ender 3D series,which ensure its quality,stability and accuracy. It is available in the United States at on August 18th. Users in the European countries may also purchase at on August 22th.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon-0.06 mm High Precision

CR-Laser Falcon with 10W laser module features of 0.06mm precision, 12mm one-pass cutting and easy operation. No matter if you are a DIY hobbyist, or run a maker’s workshop, it is a useful machine to have access to.

0.06 mm High Precision

Compared with the CR-Laser Falcon 5W,the latest CR-Laser Falcon 10W has a stronger engraving and cutting performance. With the advanced LD+FAC+C-Lens technology, it compresses the focal spot to only 0.06mm. This translates to sharp and deep edges, as well as clean engravings.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon-Stronger to Cut and Big Work Area

Stronger to Cut and Big Work Area

The 10W laser module makes it easier to cut through thicker materials. It can cut through 12mm wood board with one pass and engraves patterns on objects as hard as stainless steel.

CR-Laser Falcon has 400X415 mm work area

The CR-Laser Falcon has 400X415 mm work area, which allows users to process a larger piece of material at a time. Importantly, You can choose optional raiser to increase the engraving height( about 150mm) . With optional raiser, you can engrave pattern and designs on a higher object, such as guitar, skateboard.  

Creality CR-Laser Falcon-Stronger Easy Operation

Easy Operation

This engraver machine is really easy to use and can be operated online and offline. In the offline working state, it is available for users to import a file via a TF card and operate the machine with one button that is to preview, start, pause or stop engraving and cutting. It is great for users to use it indoors, outdoors or anywhere they like without connecting to a computer. 

Focusing is not a tricky operation for CR-Laser Falcon. It only takes 3 steps to focus. You just need to  loosen the laser module screw, slide the module until its protective cover touches the focus block, and tighten the screw. Then the focusing is completed.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon: All-around Safety Protection

All-around Safety Protection

Safety is also an important factor. CR-Laser Falcon is equipped with all-around safety protection.  The protective cover around the laser head will prevent the laser from dazzling the eyes. It also features a gyroscope, buzzer and indicator so that the machine will stop working in case of accidental tilt, flip or drop and sending alert. 

Creality CR-Laser Falcon: All-around Safety Protection

User-friendly Design

The CR-Laser Falcon comes with a variety of user-friendly designs not found on other machines in this price class.

Built-in leveler: A visualized aid to level the machine body for ideal engraving consistence.

Multi-level fixed focus block: It helps you find the suitable focus distance for different depths of materials without measuring.

Measuring scale on the axis profiles: Quick to locate the engraving position and gauge the size of the engraving object.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon: User-friendly Design

Leading in motion stability

Thanks to the 3D cord techs of Ender series 3D printers, CR-Laser Falcon has great robust design to make it lead in motion stability.

Stability-oriented drive: 32-bit chip, silent mainboard and self-developed algorithm to drive the steppers in x and y axis precisely, synchronously and quietly.  

Synchronous and smooth motion: 4 durable v-shaped motion wheels come with stable v-slot sliding rail and high-tension timing belt. No motion gaps even after a long term of use.

Stable and robust structure: 8mm shaft instead of the ordinary 6mm shaft, and L-shaped anti-slip rubber tripods, enhancing stability in the structure.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon: Leading in motion stability

About Creality

Creality is a global consumer-level 3D printing leading brand,focusing on 3D printer research and production.The self-developed and manufactured FDM and Resin 3D printers rank the pioneering raw in the printing market.

Why Creality develop laser engraving machines?

Our story began with our users.  We are so excited that we have millions of brilliant and creative users around the world. Two years ago, we received feedback from our users-  "3D printing helps me to print an item, but it also costs me several hours and even has a limited in materials".

Laser engraver and cutter can meet their diversified creative needs. It is available for users to engrave or cut patterns, logo and designs on objects with multiple materials and without too much time. Laser engraver and 3D printer have similar technology, we could develop it and even make it better by 3D core techs of Creality Ender 3D printers.

In 2021,We developed and launched our first laser engraving machines, CV-01, and then are CV-01 Pro, 5W CR-Laser Falcon, 10W CR-Laser Falcon. We constantly update our laser engravers in terms of laser power, engraving size and structure to meet the increasing need of users.

Laser power: 1.5W-5W-10W

Engraving size:170X200mm- 400X415 mm

Structure: Single arm- frame construction

Creality CR-Laser Falcon: Easier to Engrave and Cut A Masterpiece

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